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Junctiana Plan.

Take in the first place Columbia – the first-born
and best-known of the two infant States.

1. At the time at which this line is writing, neither
is Porto Cabello, the last port remaining in Spain in the
Atlantic, known as yet to be in possession of Columbia,
nor is the result of the expedition towards the Pacific
as yet known. In any compleat state, the Republic,
therefore, is not as yet so much as formed.

2. Of the effect of its Constitution, and of its deportment
in a state of peace, no experience whatever can
have as yet been had.

3. Of the founder of this State, the Liberator Bolivar,
the character forms no doubt already a very
considerable ground for the requisite sort of confidence.
Not only does it stand high at present, but it has for a
long time done so in the estimation of those countries
from which the capital will have to come. But the
life of a single person, and that still exposed to the
chances of war, is but a slender prop to learn upon.
Nor, for some time, owing to the state of her military occupations,
can matters of a civil nature be so much
as submitted to her cognizance.

One circumstance indeed there is, which it
may not be improper to mention in this view, and
which, to English and United-States' capitalists, can not
but be of an encouraging nature. The five men
in whose hands the Executive power is at present – namely
General Santander Vice-President of the Republic,
Mr. Gual Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Restrop Minister
of the Interior, Mr. Castello Minister of Finance,
Mr. Briceño Minister of the War and Marine Department,
are all of them, (it seems) well acquainted with the
English language: and, to men of English lineage, acquaintance
with the English language will naturally
serve as a sort of circumstantial evidence of English
ideas and affections. Still however, this, though it is
no trifle, is all which, at the vast distance of Bogota,
the present capital, from the place of enquiry, there

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