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1822 June 23d.
Junctiana Proposal.

Thus much even as to Columbia. As to Mexico,
to the eye of an English Capitalist, every thing in
that quarter is as yet in utter darkness.

The result seems to be – that, without adequate,
extraneous security – security on both the above points –
namely permanency of inclination, and permanency of power –
without additional security such as nothing but the quarantine guarantee of a fully
established government can give, capital, to a sufficient
amount, would have but small likelihood of finding
a sufficient ground for confidence.

To what government then, for any such purpose,
can expectation turn itself? Assuredly, to
one alone: and that is – the Government, which there
has here already been so continually presented to notice –
the Government of the Anglo-American United States.

In that Government, prudence is too consummate
and too constant, to admit of its entering
into any such engagement, without an assurance of
adequate benefit to the great community intrusted to
its care. The grounds for such assurance will be touched
upon under the next head. Under the present, their
sufficiency must be provisionally assumed.

The Company will require sufficient assurance,
of its being permitted, at all times to come, to exact
the price of transit and the rents and profits of its
lands. Meantime, for the exercise of the powers of Government,
on a sufficiently frugal plan, and in particular
for the appointment of fit functionaries, it stands
irremediably incapacitated: incapacitated, partly by local
distance; partly by its own unchangeable constitution:
an aristocratical Government, the Shares of in which
will be continually shifting hands, objects of purchase
and sale, no one of them all these rulers knowing any thing about
his subjects, nor caring any thing more about them
than he knows. Were the details of Government in
hands so circumstanced, the a necessary consequence is – that in the minds of the leading
men, in this instance as in every other, the prime
object would of course be patronage. To render it this source of profit the more productive, the
more valuable productive, useless and needless offices would

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