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1822 June 24.
Junctiania Proposal.

Thus, by the ever beaten track, thus, as sure
as man is man, would a government, so constituted,
go on from worse to worse: the permanent prosperity,
not only of its distant subjects but of the company
itself, that is to say of the great majority of its members,
offered up as a constant sacrifice to the particular and sinister interest,
real or imagined, of a small Junta of the leaders.

In a word, in neither of the two only shapes
in question, could the profit be rendered permanent,
by any other means than the establishment of a form of Government,
which had really for its object the greatest
happiness of the greatest number of the people. But
this it could not have, any further than in proportion
to the share which the people themselves had in it.
In such a situation as that in question, the people (it
may be said) are not as yet of sufficient age to go
alone. Such would assuredly not be the language in
Columbia: such, it is hoped, would not be the language
in Mexico. But such would but too naturally be the
language in England. Well then, in Washington it may be seen an
institution, which has long been in the habit of taking
in infant States to nurse. Witness Indiana, Selericis,
Alabama, Missouri:
and how excellent the system of nursing is – how
admirable a dry nurse the President has always been –
experience has abundantly testified. No sooner were
the infant of an age to go alone, than the alacrity, with
which the leading-strings would be taken off, has also been
abundantly testified. Nor, in all this, is there any thing
to which any such imputation as that of vague theory
can attach itself: it nests throughout on practice: long
continued and universally notorious practice.

The circumlocation of "the Anglo-Ameircan
United States
– a circumlocution as yet indispensable –
for these are not at present the only American United
States – this circumlocution, – howsoever, where precision
is an object, indispensable, – is, to any other purpose, intolerable.
Well then Washingtonia, would by the supposition,

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