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1822 June 24.
Junctiana Proposal

can not fail of being superior even to that of England:
and whatever be the number of her vessels, that will
find a convenience in availing themselves of the communication,
the convenience to each such American
vessel will, in proportion to its greater vicinity to the
spot, be rendered greater than it can be to any European

2. As to the particular benefit, from the so
much speedier communication with the settlement
or settlements, present, future and contingent, in the
Pacific, – on this subject, enough has been already been said.

True it is, that, for the Representatives of
Junctiania, when they come to sit in Congress, distance,
from the nearest part of the present United
States, will give an additional Sea voyage of some days.
But, upon the whole, would the length of time occupied
by the conveyance be in any considerable degree greater
than that which is at present occupied by the state most
distant from the seat of Government? And, whatever it
be, what, if any, will be the amount of the practical
inconvenience? At the utmost, it may operate as a
slight deduction from the value of the benefit, but can
not assuredly ever operate as a bar to it.

Another acquisition, which, though not of quite so
substantial a nature as either of the preceding ones,
does not seem much in danger of finding the nation in
question altogether insensible to its value, is that political
gem called glory: glory – not of that bloody hue which (it is
hoped) is growing more and more out of fashion, and
will one day be as little in repute, as spangles and embroidery
upon a coat at present – but glory of the very
purest water: the glory, radiating from the uncontrovertible
proof that will thus be given, of its having been
looked upon to, as the nation which occupies the highest stands highest in the opinion of two
line other free nations, stands highest in the composite scale of national probity, wisdom
and benevolence – The Stands highest? or should it not rather
have been said – as is the only nation, in the Government
of which any such union of virtues could in
the nature of things have ever yet found place?
§.9. All other

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