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1823 Jany 26
Economy as to Office
J.B. to Furnaux Inserada - proposed but discarded

The less a man will take with it or the more
he will give for it, the greater is his relish for it
and the greater his relish for it, the greater the
probability of his being fit for it. If the emolument income
is such the functionary has, is not sufficient to
enable him to make a decent appearance in it, he
will have recourse to mischievous expedients, it has
been said, for the augmentation of it. Likely enough
and if he thinks in his expectation he can escape evade punishment, so he
will be his income ever so enormous, and the more
enormous his income, the more easily will it be for
to escape punishment. The more ample and
influential will be the circle of his adherents of

To know whether in addition
to the necessary pay, any over pay is attached
to an office, note the pay attached to an office of the
same functions in among the least lowest paid that are to be seen every where: for example of those offices
which took place
in another part of your own country or in any foreign
country, whose Institutions have grown out of yours,
for example such as the Anglo American United States, not
that even that in that seat of comparatively good economy
the maximum of good economy has any where in any of the States been
reached. To reach it, attaching or not attaching to each
office an income regarded as constituting a maintenance to
the functionary invested with it, put up to auction
the office with its and emolument, and place knock it down
it in the hands of to the best bidder. Bondsmen whose in so far as pecuniary trust worthiness, and Public executioners in so far as appropriate intellectual aptitude are requisite for the Office are supposed.

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