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1821 Aug. 18
Codification Offer

§. 7 The greatest happiness of the greatest number requires
that the work, being the work of a single hand and known
to be so, it be known whose that hand is.

The reasons are manifest.

1. Unless it be known where the hand is by whom the
instrument has been drawn constructed, the responsibility to
in – responsibility so often
the indispensable security for good
so often spoken of has no place existence having no object
to which it can attach itself.

2. Unless it be known whose hand who the individual
is of whose hand the instrument is the work
it can not strictly speaking be known to be the work
or no more than a single hand. The truth is – that
strictly speaking, no such knowledge is not possible. All
that in relation to the matter can be known is –
that by compleat authority it has been declared declaration has to this effect been made
namely This man (naming him) is the man by whom the
instrument has been constructed. But when the individual The only difference is – that who by competent such use thereby
in question and of the
indication of a particular individual is thus in the usual manner
given the consequence is – that by
by unless by that same individual

so long as the indication thus given stands uncontradicted,
the responsibility in question attaches upon him of course:
and and it applies itself to in proof of the truth of this circumstance, as well as to
the work itself: likewise, if on the other hand the declaration were no
more theirs then, namely
The work is the work of
a single hand
, the hand
not being named, the circumstance
of the concealment
would naturally be apt to
operate in disproof of the
facts that they
more the and imperfectly declared.

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