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1822 Aug. 29
Constitut. Code

The erroneous concept is opinion, no matter
what be the name given to it which it is the effect of
delusion operating as an instrument of misrule to cause to
be embraced, admitts of a very concise and clear description,
it is the conception is the opinion that those be they
who they may be whom the powers of rule government in the
highest grade are possessed, are possessed of the qualities
and endorsement designated as above by the words phrases the
aggregate of appropriate aptitude of the object
of tacit and implied reference being the exercise of the power of government.
One hand with this conception or opinion
then expressed in general and is moreover
the conception or opinion that the quantity degree
of aggregate appropriate aptitude possessed by a man as above is in the ratio
of the quantity possessed by him of the aggregate of
that same splendid mass. This conception or opinion
is here considered regarded as being erroneous: for that in truth
as to the the possession of these same instruments of felicity and objects of desire affords no evidence
of the possession of those same qualifications and
endowments: and that after deduction of certain exceptions excepted case is state of things, the degree of appropriate aptitude in question taken in the
aggregate is will naturally be rather in the inverse ration of the aggregate quantity
of those same instruments of felicity in his possession.

To announce the proposition this position is all that belongs to the
present purpose: the grounds on which it stands will be
successively brought to view further on in another place as the case may require.

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