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1822 Aug. 29
Constitut. Code

As in the case of corruptive corruptive influence and
corrupt obsequiousness so in the case of delusive influence
and deluded obsequiousness through delusion, whether the
creation of the sinister instrument and cause was designed
or undesigned the is but matter of here speculation:
psychological and historical speculation. What is sufficiently
clear is that at this time of day in the instance
of every individual by whom any thing supposed is contributed
to the support preservation of the system, the of every act by which
any thing is done towards that effect is with relation the is sufficiently clear and incontestable. After such notice as for
to that so many years past has been given in all newspapers
a man can no more contribute to the corruptiveness of
the system a man can no more contribute to the delusiveness
of the system without design, than without design
he could earn money or pick pockets go about picking pockets.

Money for supporting the Crown splendor of the crown! money for
supporting the splendor of the crown supporting the splendor of the crown! For crown put throne
sceptre to coronet, this – for history put splendor splendor put lustre,
honour, dignity – when after the cry of mountebank!, imposter!
swindler!, pick pocket! with which such demands within
doers have been answered from without-doers for so many
years, can could it be of use, to any man who joins
in the dry, demand could it be of use to his he plead ignorance of the effects or of the design and
purpose? As well might the man who with a gingerbread
and fire under it cries all hot! all hot! in the streets, deny
all any such intention as that of selling it.

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