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1821 July 5
Codification Offer

To the case of a Representative Democracy – such for
example as that of the Anglo-American United States – this
observation does not apply: at any rate not to equal extents.
No public money for in any shape separate
from official situation could by a Committee of the
Representative body either of the Union or of any particular
State be given to any individual for the source in
question: neither in an immediate way by them nor by their procurement
could, the draughtsman be with an
from which he might could not be removed by the application,
immediate or unimmediate, of the power of the
body of the people no room could can there be for any
hope of palming upon the people subject many
by and for the benefit of the operating and ruling few any arrangements by
which their interests would be sacrificed by and for
the benefit of the ruling few: of any reward in any shape
for any sinister source in any shape no pr from the only hands by from which it could come no
prospect could the draughtsman workman entertain any from any
hands from which factitious reward in any shape could come:
at the same time by from the obstruction of factitious reward
in every shape the value of the natural reward in the only
shape in which it has place would in the eyes of the workman
in question be encreased receive encrease to the extent of his intellectual
and faculty his endeavour could therefore be to give
to his work in each part of it that quality by which it would be rendered
conducive in the highest degree possible to the greatest happiness
of the greatest number that all comprehensive and
such it is so continually necessary to bring now and again back to view.

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