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1822 Aug. 29
Constitut. Code

Case 3. The place possessed given to the Representative of
the people as a place of life: prospect of advancement out of
the case as before. The inducement here is here likewise
of the nature of fear: it is of the the
kind. The hands from which eventual evil be is in tis case eventually expected are not
the hands of the Monarch: the supposition they are
they are the hands of the fictitious entity denominated Public
of which hereinafter: the people at large consider
as sitting in judgment on the transaction. In the general
opinion of mankind in general every thing to which the
generic denomination of perfidy can without impropriety
be applied is regarded with a fit object of disapprobation: is disapproved accordingly,
and an testimony of such disapprobation is spoken
of under the still more generic extensive denomination of a Vice.

And Moreover so it is with ingratitude. But in this case
perfidy and ingratitude are be seen united: perfidy by
an infraction of the and implied engagement; ingratitude
by the non return of of good in the appropriate shape for the good received.

Meantime the tribunal of public opinion is a tribunal
not unfrequently divided within against itself. To give support
to a bad government or to a bad an unapt set of functionaries under
any government is to a certain degree disreputable, any any
rate among in the opinions of all rul those by whom in whose eyes the government or the
set of functionaries are to a certain degree unapt. The In the state of
things the placeman in question suppose him a having speech or vote on the side is thus circumstanced.
Continuing to give speech or vote in favour of the King from whom
he has received his place, he remains exposed to and suffering under
the imputation of corruption and want of . But in
so doing he preserves himself from the joint imputation of perfidy
and ingratitude. The disapprobation applied to perfidy and gratitude
is in general more extensive as well as more
than the shape disapprobation attached to the habit of taking
the prosperous side in the ear contest of politics. Of the functionary whose
his place is for life the conduct will therefore for the most part
not be distinguishable from that of the placeman whose continuance in place is no longer than during pleasure.

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