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1823 Feb 26

Observations by an Englishman on a passage in
Raffanel's Histoire des événements de la Grèce, Paris 1822
Clive Dondey-Dupré Editeurs p.429 &c.

The Spanish Constitution has is in possession of the
honor of being taken for a model, on all those occasions, in
which, with a view to the bettering the condition of the whole
people in the aggregate, a new Constitution system of Constitutional
law has been endeavoured to be introduced and established,
to the exclusion of those the several forms of government by
under which misrule has swelled to such a pitch may

under which discontent has in such sort been produced had place as
to engage the a portion of the people to the join
in the hazards of the enterprize.

For this honor it this same body of laws has been indebted, partly to the its
goodness; part of relation being had to the greatest happiness
of the greatest number: partly to the urgency of the
occasion, which rendered it matter of indispensable necessity
to set up in the room of the form of government
which it was thought necessary to pull down, some other form
to which expression much had already been given by
a determinate assemblage of words. It was necessary men
should have settled from the first what they were to fight for,
as well as under direction of what individuals they were to
continue to fight, or the commencement given to the fighting
carried on against those who are whom the war found in the possession and
of the powers of Government, could not have any beneficial
ends. result.

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