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of all, to the interest of that one. But had it been several
times worse than it is France would still have beheld and felt
in it a matchless benefit. The Citizens of the Anglo American United
States have thrown off the yoke of a Monarchy, have thrown off
the yoke of an Aristocracy, have many of them thrown off the yoke
of an established priesthood. But the yoke of the hireling advocate
still presses upon their necks: their courage has been sufficient
to free them from the yoke of the English Monarch: but their wisdom
has not yet been sufficient to liberate them from the yoke
imposed upon them by the most corrupt & profligate of his tools.

Oh weakness! Oh inconsistency! you have given yourselves
a rule of action accommodated to your own interests on the constitutional
branch of the field of Law; you have it to your natural
& irreconcilable enemies to plunder you under the cloak of
an imaginary rule of action imported from a foreign & enslaved
country, a system of fiction accommodated to their own particular
& sinister interests to the sacrifice of your's.

In every Judicial district there will in the most prosperous
state of human nature be but too many who being by the
inaptitude apposite to appropriate intellectual & appropriate
active aptitude find under an incapacity of giving adequate support
to their own cause, even on the supposition of the justice of
it, will be at the same time lying under the inability of finding it
ever in sufficient time an adequate gratuitous advocate. For persons
thus situated there seems an indispensable necessity of providing
a pair of official advocates, one for each side of the cause.
Call the one the pursuer's advocate general: call the other the defender's
advocate General. On the part of the Judge no degree of
appropriate aptitude in all its branches that in his place can
be realized or so much as imagined, can supersede altogether, the
demand for assistance in there other shapes. In causes of the simplest
nature, yes: but in. causes of a certain degree of complexity no:
in this or that instance a necessity will arise for such communication
& such arrangement of Documents as the time of the Judge
could not suffice for. Moreover the inexorable & predetermined impartiality
of the Judge would scarcely be compatible with the recaption
of that unrestrained confidence of which the case of a

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