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them shapes happen to be conferred as that are individual
at the expence of the greatest number, that which
he gains in actual felicity, bears no sort of proportion to
what they lose. So much for the article of expence, in the
case of that form of Government: now as to relative & appropriate
aptitude say appropriate moral aptitude, appropriate
intellectual aptitude (knowledge & judgement included)
& appropriate active aptitude. While the exercise of
all the other functions of Government is made dependent on
the will of that one individual, there exists not, so much as
a single function, for the exercise of which every individual in
that so mischievously elevated situation, is not by that very
situation & by that vast mass of the external instruments of felicity
so heaped upon it, rendered in an eminent degree, more
flagrantly & unquestionably unapt than any other individual
in the whole community would be found to be: thus it is
that in every Monarchy all the rest of the people are made
victims to, & the apart of, the will of the very worst man
among them — of a man who in every intelligible sense of the
word worst is rendered so, by the mere circumstance of
being situated where he is.

As in his eyes at least his interest is sure to be at all
times in a state of immutable opposition to the universal interest
so on every occasion of competition having it in his power to make
sacrifice of the universal interest to his particular interest, & these
occasions spreading over the whole field of Government, so it is
that he has for his constant & uninterrupted occupation what may
be termed them making of the sinister sacrifice. By this same appellation
let it accordingly be characterized. And with that the
more enormous the quantity he possesses of the aggregate of those
same interests, the more craving & insatiable is the appetite he
has for more & more. The more extensive the sinister sacrifice
is, which he has made, the more extensive is the ulterior sacrifice
of the same kind which it is his wish & constant endeavour to make

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