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the situation of candidates for seats in the Representative
Assembly would of course be given to such Christian candidates
as were regarded as being in the highest degree friendly to the
Mahometan part of the population of the whole.

In this or that Election district, say even in my number
of Election districts suppose the number of Mahometan votes
to outnumber the Christian, still no real inconvenience could
ensue so long as in the Representative Assembly the non Christians
did not at any time outnumber the Christians. If however any
apprehension or this score should notwithstanding be entertained
a very simple if inoffensive remedy might be provided, namely
by making the age at which a Mahometans is permitted to vote
by any numbers of years that might be thought fit, more advanced
than that at which a Christian is admitted to vote.

Stranger it were if by such treatment, the Mahometans
were not rendered good citizens. By the faculty of voting even
supposing no Mahometans were allowed to set as Representatives
they would be raised to a situation higher in dignity
as well as security in comparison of the highest which any
of them can occupy even in a Mahometan country at present.
To no Christian could in that case any Mahometan be an object
of contempt.

In the mean time and until that happy change shall
have been acknowledged to have taken place, one precaution
is suggested by the indispensable case of self-defence. Of the
Christian portion of the population, the male part will I take
for granted be trained, without any exception in the military
style to the use of arms: trained in the European form of the
military exercise to the use of the musquet & the bayonet in
companies & battalions. The operations performed in the course
of this exercise, being in their nature public, men of both
portions of the circumcised race, might with the hardship
of domestic inquisition, be interdicted from the right of taking
part in any such exercise. They might even be interdicted from
having firearms of the length of musquets in their possession. But

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