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Click Here To Edit Of the media in the Baths

By this contrivance and a series of proper Media
a Heatany invariable<add>givendegree of</add> always uniformto the utmost degree of exactness Heat may be maintained invariably
through any length of time from a + + the degree at which water boilsdegr.
to an indefinite intensity.

These media are in the order of their progression from
the degree may be still lowered by exhausting a portion or nearly the whole of the Air for this there must be a tube to be connected occasionally with an Air Pump - perhaps not for the vapor will not open the valve till the pressure of it exceeds that of the common Air and the heat will keep increasing till then - but this may be remedied by exhausting the receiver with which the Tube that includes the valve communicates This will be a much more certain and accurate method of regulating the heat than by distance from the fire place - since the heat of a vessel placed at that given distance can never be precisely the same for two minutes together on account of the difference in the quantity of the fuel and the rapidity of its consumption.the highestlowest to the highest degree of Heat — Aether,
Alcohol Water - Mercury.

For most purposes perhaps Water may be sufficient
It will serve I suppose very well for any degree between
212 that of its boiling and that of the boiling of
Mercury [800 qu]

Atbeyond that high degree of heat the employing of water
may be too dangerous on account of the risque of bursting
the containing Vessel

For the Balneum where Alcohol or Aether are employ
as Media a singlethe Heat of wick of a Lamp will be abundantly

Alcohol will naturallyas being cheaper be preferred before Aether,
where the same degree may be maintained by either
as being cheaper.

Where either Aether Alcohol or Mercury are
employed particularly the first and last it will be
necessary . (to save expence and secure from danger
from inflammability of the one and the noxious quality
of the other) to have the loaded valve open into a
Tube+ ending in a receiver to condence them.+ This Tube must be of Leather if the end, in order that may oppose no resistance to the weight shutting down the valve

To reconsile this constructioncontrivance with the application of the
lever to keep down the valve will be the difficulty

It is scarce necessary to observe, that the Balneum
where Mercury is employed as a Medium, must be of
Iron or Earth. Empyreuma by this means may be avoided with gre entire certainty.

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