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Box 107 is mainly comprised of manuscripts written between 1808 and 1810 on the subject of capital punishment. However, this box also contains material on a wide range of other subjects: chemistry, natural sciences, education, convict transportation, colonies, the police, the 'London University' (which would ultimately become University College London), a proposed newspaper entitled the 'Universalist', and correspondence between Bentham and the Quarterly Review.

This box also contains material on arrangements for Bentham's Panopticon prison, including the heating of the gaol, cooking and feeding of convicts, an 'Asylum for the innocent offspring of clandestine love', and the unfortunately named 'Paedotrophium', a foundling hospital which would act as a subsidiary to the main panopticon.

The material is divided as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 2:Chymistry - Heads, subjects of experiment [c. 1772]
  • Folio 3: Projects - Natural Philosophy, vegetation, glass tube interposed between stock and scyon [c. 1772]
  • Folio 4: Prospects of perfection in several sciences - philology [c. 1776]
  • Folios 5 to 13: Law in general - promulgation [c. 1776]
  • Folios 14 to 15: Miscellanea - style [c. 1776]
  • Folios 16 to 19: Rights - marginal summaries [c.1780]
  • Folios 20 to 22: Digest of statutes - prefat (marginal summaries) [1793]
  • Folio 23: Political economy (marginal summaries) [c. 1793]
  • Folios 24 to 27: Newspapers - leading principles professed universally [c. 1794]
  • Folio 28: Fallacies - anti innovational (marginal summaries) [c. 1794]
  • Folio 29: Harpsichord - improvements (marginal summaries) [c. 1794]
  • Folio 30: Music printing - improvements (marginal summaries) [c.1794]
  • Folios 31 to 36: Proposal for a school of legislation [c. 1794]
  • Folio 37: Education - encyclopedia [795]
  • Folios 38 to 49: Panopticon - collectanea (folio 46 is a Copy of paper given to Mr Townshend by Sir Robert Boyd - A Table of Diet expended daily by the convicts on board the Ceres Hulk) [1785]
  • Folios 50 to 52: Panopticon - France - Bicêtre (marginal summaries, chiefly in French) [c. 1790]
  • Folios 53 to 61: Panopticon - Paedotrophium (nursery school) [1792, 1794]
  • Folios 62 to 77: Panopticon - Brouillon (marginal summaries) [1793, 1794]
  • Folios 78 to 92: Panopticon - mechanics (marginal summaries) [1793, 1794]
  • Folios 93 to 99: Panopticon - Ptenotrophium (fowl-keeping) [c. 1794]
  • Folios 100 to 106: Panopticon - Sotimion or establishment for the preservation of female delicacy and reputation, Nothotrophium or Asylum for the innocent offspring of clandestine love [1794]
  • Folio 107: Panopticon - Canal boats, improve [1794]
  • Folio 108: Panopticon - Hot water - experiments at St Thomas's Hospital [1786-96]
  • Folios 109 to 112: Panopticon - coookery, errors of present practice [1796]
  • Folios 113 to 115: Panopticon - convict colonies, finance reports (originals) [1797]
  • Folios 116 to 148: Panopticon - Table of trades and earnings [1797]
  • Folios 149 to 174: Panopticon and colonies - Political prospects, or what's to be done [1798]
  • Folios 175 to 189: Panopticon - contract and memorial (frag.) [1800]
  • Folios 190 to 192: Police - precedents and police bill (marginal summaries) [1798]
  • Folios 193 to 343: Capital Punishment - Law versus arbitrary power, or a hatchet for Dr [William] Paley's net [1808, 1810]
  • Folios 344 to 351: Language - Nomography, redundancy [1822 to 1827]
  • Folio 352: Pannomion - leading locutions (marginal summaries) [1827]
  • Folio 353: London University (notes) [c. 1827]
  • Folios 354 to 358: Universalist - proposal for a newspaper [1831]
  • Folios 359 to 360: JB to Quarterly Review [1831]

Folios from box 107 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

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JB/107/041/004 JB/107/042/001 JB/107/042/002 JB/107/043/001‎ JB/107/043/002‎ JB/107/044/001‎ JB/107/044/002‎ JB/107/045/001‎ JB/107/045/002‎ JB/107/045/003 JB/107/046/001‎ JB/107/046/002‎ JB/107/046/003‎ JB/107/047/001‎ JB/107/048/001 JB/107/048/002 JB/107/048/003 JB/107/048/004 JB/107/049/001 JB/107/049/002 JB/107/049/003 JB/107/049/004‎ JB/107/051/001‎ JB/107/053/001‎ JB/107/053/002‎ JB/107/054/001‎ JB/107/054/002‎ JB/107/055/001‎ JB/107/056/001‎ JB/107/057/001‎ JB/107/058/001‎ JB/107/059/001‎ JB/107/060/001‎ JB/107/061/001‎ JB/107/062/001‎ JB/107/063/001‎ JB/107/064/001‎ JB/107/064/002 JB/107/065/001‎ JB/107/066/001‎ JB/107/067/001‎ JB/107/068/001‎ JB/107/069/001 JB/107/070/001‎ JB/107/071/001‎ JB/107/072/001‎ JB/107/073/001‎ JB/107/074/001‎ JB/107/075/001‎ JB/107/076/001‎ JB/107/077/001‎ JB/107/077/002 JB/107/078/001JB/107/079/001JB/107/080/001JB/107/080/002 JB/107/080/003JB/107/081/001JB/107/082/001‎ JB/107/083/002‎ JB/107/084/001 JB/107/085/001JB/107/086/001JB/107/086/002JB/107/087/001JB/107/088/001‎ JB/107/089/001‎ JB/107/090/001‎ JB/107/091/001‎ JB/107/092/001‎ JB/107/092/002‎ JB/107/093/001‎ JB/107/094/001‎ JB/107/094/002‎ JB/107/094/003‎ JB/107/095/001 JB/107/095/002‎ JB/107/095/003‎ JB/107/096/001‎ JB/107/096/002‎ JB/107/096/003‎ JB/107/096/004‎ JB/107/097/001‎ JB/107/097/002‎ JB/107/098/001‎ JB/107/098/002‎ JB/107/099/001‎ JB/107/099/002‎ JB/107/100/001‎ JB/107/101/001‎ JB/107/102/001‎ JB/107/103/001 JB/107/104/001‎ JB/107/105/001 JB/107/106/001 JB/107/106/002 JB/107/107/001 JB/107/108/001‎ JB/107/108/002‎ JB/107/109/001‎ JB/107/109/002‎ JB/107/109/003 JB/107/110/001‎ JB/107/110/002‎ JB/107/111/001 JB/107/111/002 JB/107/111/003 JB/107/112/001‎ JB/107/112/002‎ JB/107/112/003‎ JB/107/113/001 JB/107/113/002 JB/107/114/001 JB/107/115/001 JB/107/116/001‎ JB/107/117/001‎ JB/107/118/001 JB/107/118/002‎ JB/107/119/001‎ JB/107/119/002‎ JB/107/120/001‎ JB/107/120/002‎ JB/107/121/001‎ JB/107/121/002 JB/107/122/001 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JB/107/316/001 JB/107/316/002 JB/107/317/001 JB/107/317/002 JB/107/318/001 JB/107/318/002 JB/107/319/001 JB/107/319/002 JB/107/320/001JB/107/320/002JB/107/321/001JB/107/321/002JB/107/322/001JB/107/322/002JB/107/323/001JB/107/323/002JB/107/324/001 JB/107/324/002 JB/107/325/001 JB/107/325/002 JB/107/326/001 JB/107/326/002 JB/107/327/001 JB/107/327/002 JB/107/328/001 JB/107/328/002 JB/107/329/001 JB/107/329/002 JB/107/330/001 JB/107/330/002 JB/107/331/001 JB/107/331/002JB/107/332/001 JB/107/332/002 JB/107/333/001 JB/107/334/001‎ JB/107/334/002 JB/107/335/001 JB/107/335/002 JB/107/336/001 JB/107/336/002 JB/107/337/001‎ JB/107/337/002 JB/107/338/001‎ JB/107/339/001‎ JB/107/339/002 JB/107/340/001‎ JB/107/340/002 JB/107/341/001‎ JB/107/341/002 JB/107/342/001‎ JB/107/342/002 JB/107/343/001‎ JB/107/343/002 JB/107/344/001‎ JB/107/345/001JB/107/346/001‎ JB/107/347/001‎ JB/107/348/001‎ JB/107/349/001‎ JB/107/350/001‎ JB/107/351/001‎ JB/107/352/001‎ JB/107/352/002‎ JB/107/353/001 JB/107/353/002 JB/107/354/001‎ JB/107/355/001‎ JB/107/355/002 JB/107/356/001 JB/107/357/001 JB/107/358/001 JB/107/358/002JB/107/358/003‎ JB/107/359/001‎ JB/107/360/001‎

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