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-ative made use of as a reservoir for atic One of them might be made use of a reservoir for muriatic Acid perfectly concentrated in its state of vapor
in this state it might perhaps serve as an atmosphere
for preserving fruits according to the Method beforeabove
proposed — it's union with metals might be tried
by letting them stand in it in a fine powder produced
by precipitation either in a metallic or calcined form-
it's condensation might be tried by removing into the
Icehouse and there generating by solutions artificial
cold —

Experiments of condensation by chymical union alone
or with cold might be tried as upon between other vapors so
between this for example and the vapor produced by
distillation of Phlogisticated Alkali [by both of the fixed
and also the volatile] upon the supposition that that vapor
may be a for either volatile Alkali or something
similar to it - since the Vol. Alk. is supposed by some
to be contain phlogiston on account of it's deflagrating
in Nitrous Ammonia - 2 chambers may be
united by a pair of tubes screwing on one to each
and ending in a common reservoir - regulators
might be applied to the part where each tube screws joins on
to it's chamber to permitt let out a larger or smaller supply
of the either of respective vapors at pleasure - each chamber
may by another tube communicate with a retort
at work in order to be supplied thereby to supply it with a constant stream of it's
own vaporrespective - by an apparatus of tubes in the nature
of Hadels fitting into each other one chamber might
be plunged in the Ice house in any degree of cold
while the other connected with it was kept in the Laboratory
in any degree of Heat

By this method many seemingly improbable combinations
might be formed - Buffers of Antimony & other Metals, for

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