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to instruct his it is To contrive several sufficiently capacious in
7th April 1771. To contrive several Chamber sufficiently capacious in the a Wall in the manner of Ovens to serve as reservoirs
for different kind of Airs — the Wall may be moveable
or fixed within the Laboratory rising only to a certain
convenient heigth - they should each have a cover to be locked taken off
and be locked on when used and a narrow tube with proper valves to This Tube must have a Stop-cock
communicate with an Air Pump to be applied occasionally to extract as near as may be all the common
Air before the factitious Air is introduced — A contrivance to keep work the Air Pump by means of a Water Wheel turned by a small Stream of Water which might be introduced into the Laboratory by a Leaden Pipe leading from a Reservoir higher than the Laboratory.
Some if not all should be moveable to apply Heat that Heat may be applied to distinctly
from the next or Cold by putting them into the Ice house
as for instance — to try whether metallic calces can be
reduced by applying inflammable Air singly and letting
them remain surrounded with it in the Chamber - this
they may be without Heat or it may be necessary
to apply a heat equal to that which they take in being
reduced by compound anim. & veg. phlogistic substances.
so by applying cold by the Ice house certain vapors hitherto incondensable
may be condensed as that produced by the distillation
of phlogisticated Alkali

It may be useful in some of the Chambers cold is applied as to condense or where heat is applied if not very violent so as to melt the case to have
a portion of them converge into a conical Tube of
a convenient length closed at the apex by a glass lens
to observe for instance whether condensation is affected
by the appearance of drops.

In some it may be tried whether fruits for instance
such as are of too delicate a consistence to be coated
over with Wax can be preserved either by excluding
the common Air all Air from out of them or by replenishing
them with Air of any particular kind as fixable
for instance which may perhaps be found by this Experiment
to stop the fermentations. which in the
of in [] prevents A Catalogue to be formed of all the properties of with which Chymistry is concerned whereby they can differ from each other referring those properties to five classes according to the number of the Human Senses

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