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() Dec 21 1793

Conduct Finish Title Attorney for Experiment - salon, before
are called in.

Progress. how marked

To know how much
is done, and how
much remains to be
done, take a copy
of the Statutes at
large, and inclose
in proportion as any
quantity of matter
is employ'd, inclose
it in brackets
and in the margin
put a reference indicating
the division
in which it has been
employ'd -
all the divisions
if employ'd
in more than one.

---page break---


When once a general
system of Parley Procedure
has been
framed, each particular
Code may
be cleared of its
particular provisions
relative to the subject
of Procedure.

Digest and employ
the existing
matter, all of it,
although it be not
approved of. If
not approved of
in the whole or in any
part mark it as
such (ex- go by
with the assistance
of a particular by law
for distinctions sake)
giving the reasons
for disapproval,
either in loco or
by reference, according
as they are
confirmed to the particular
Code in question,
or referable to some
more general head.

Get a number of
Copies of the Statutes
at large to cut to

---page break---

The first operation
will be that
mare Digestive:
- that is the collecting
under the each of the proposed heads
and that in maximus
Statute materials,
the matter of the
Statute at large

Strike out in
pencil the words
of mere surplusage
- referring
at first at least
to the Grammatical
Rule of compression
by which
the erasure is justified.

Mark in a Copy
of Burns Justice
the Personal Code
or Personal Codes
each paragraph
appears to belong
to. J.B. to do
this for several of
the Tables, then the
Pupils to go with
it. Each taking
his own copy.

This done as far
as Burn goes
will serve as a basis
for compleating
the system of Particular
Codes: and will
include a great part
of the matter of the
whole. perfect Personal Codes in being. The prosecution
of the business
may perhaps be facilitated
more or less by
some of the other imperfect

---page break---


Under the head
Procedure collect
in terminus all
the particular
referable to the
head of Procedure
marking down the Statutes
from whence they
are respectively

Then arrange
each particular
provision of Procedure
under its
proper subordinate head.

Perhaps this
may be done as
shortly or shorter
by copying Burn

---page break---

Head for each
Particular Code
Flaws in this Act.

proposed grounded on upon
the principle
of the existing
Law. cleared
methodized, and
rendered more

Regulations proposed
as but
adjusted to the
subject [Simple
Abolition included.

---page break---

A Table to be formed
of the several Personal
in proportion as
they are elicited.
At first they may
be set down as they
occur: afterwards
when numerous they
may be thrown into
alphabetical order.

From each Personal
Denomination make
reference to
1. The title or titles in Burn
or any other compilation
under which matter
belonging to the denomination
in question
is continued
2. The Statutes
3. The kind not personal
included in the
same Statutes [+] [+] From each General
Head elicited make
references to the
title in Burn & the Statute in
which matter relative
to that head
is contained - adding
the Subdivision
in Burn,
and Quere? the
Volume of the Stat.
Ex. 9. Justices
no of 1. or 2.
Evidence -- Distress.

4. Express (for instance
by a particular
type) who
in respect of such
Denomination whether
it is to be formed
in the Statute or

For each Personal
collect and set
down as many
Synonyms as possible,
and comprise
them all in the Index
referring from each
of them to the Denomination

---page break---

Some Personal
will be generic &
specific with reference
to one another -
Example - Publicans
may include Alehouse-keepers,
Inn-keepers -
In such case under
the generic denomination
give the law
matter common to
the genus.

The most a None but the most
modern latest edition of
the Statutes will
serve for marking indicating
Progress upon - A
copy of that edition
must therefore be kept
in use for that purpose.
But the
latest will equally
serve for cutting out
and posting.

---page break---

Pupils to do the
business as much
out of their own head
as possible: what they
do thus, if right
will be so much the
more valuable to
them for being their
own: if wrong, the
correction of it will
be more instructive
to them than a precedent
instruction which
would have saved them
from falling into the

Many hands
make light work
Many hands together
make merry

Each to take the work
of all the rest and
critisize it

---page break---

In clearing the text
of a Statute of
Grammatical Pleonasms
the make a
reference to the rule by
under which corresponds
to each defalcation
is prescribed. But
as those rules will be
found to be very few,
and the examples
immensely numerous
some abbreviated mode
of reference must be
employd er:go.
the initial letter of
some characteristic
word of the rule.

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