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Pupil Advertisement

For engagement
to chalk out a
regular course of
study for all or
for each one -
But a constant
readiness and
alacrity to answer
all sorts of questions

For which he
is more or less preferred
by sketches
more or less compleat
under every kind
of legislation.

For engagement
to go with the
plan: but the instant
it is relinquished
the money where
any has been taken
to be returned.

None to be supplied
for his own use: first
to be applied to the purposes
of the institution.

---page break---

Intimation of
other literary works to
be taken undertaken
in concert.

Task for other
useful sciences
sciences applicable
to use may find
its gratification -
Chemistry, Mechanics
knowledge acceptable.

Superiority of this
mode of instruction to

Lectures (where there
is nothing to exhibit)
had better be read
by the Auditor than
by the Lecturer.

Labour is employed
in catching the matter
by bits and
scraps instead of having
the whole at

Lecturers do not
afford the Pupil
the liberty of questioning
the Lecturer

They do not afford
any opportunity
for the exercise of
the inquisitive faculty

---page break---

The Logic or
what might be
called the Metaphysics
of Law
if the word Metaphysics
notbeing applied to
those wild conceits
which originate in a want
of acquaintance
with true &genuine
had not received
so odious an

The originationconvention<add>The true import</add>
and mutual
connection of
such words if
very general import
as Power
Right, Obligation,
Privilege and Profession
the like.

The classification
of the subjects of
Law such as
offences, or rather
Acts proper that
require to be constituted

The only use of
such Lectures is to
ensure attendance
and in some measure
attention to the subject
in the part of every
young man who if
simply set to read
themselves, might eithereither evade the duty or doze under it

---page break---

To bring any
proposedgiven mass parent
of Lawdivision to the
test of reason and

To state the particular ends
which the law
relative to that branch
of the subject ought
to have a view insofar
to the dictates
of utility, the universal

A fine exercise
and strong thinking
exercise for the intellectual
As good as a An

Instructions much
more effectually
gained in this active
space in a
way. what
what goes in at
— Debt, Payment —
one ear goes out
at another.

Much more deeply
imprinted - The
mind in looking
out for analogies
expands itself as
the subject matter
it has to work upon
expands before it

---page break---

Digest of Justice
Law one of the first works.

extracting from
the Statute- Books a compleat
system of Personal
Codes would
be another distinct
from the former in its
and design, but
with regard in the
insmaller great measure
with it and included
under it.

To give to every
individual in the
community whatever
part of the
Law concerns him
in any capacity,
cleared from every
thing which does
not concern him.

---page break---

They will have
the comfort of thinking
that their
labours will at
any rate not have
been bestowed upon
an unworthy subject:
that with the same expense
time and labour
that, it would have
taken them to travelto the
in the drudgery — trammels of
a Special Pleader
or manufacturer of
Bills and Answers
they will have him
fulfilling their wishes

and treading in the
steps of the immortal
Bacon, and lending
having a part a hand to the more
arduousand dignified as well as
usefulproduction work of human

Improvement the
object not Reformation:
- the
word which seems to
involve prejudice

in its very import
a prejudice and
that of no indifferent
kind by supposing
instead of inducement
and the bringing
back the accumulated
wisdom of
age is some fabled
standard of pristineprimeval
excellenc, as if wisdom instead
of the offspring
were the parent
of experience

---page break---

In the composition
of a law orauthoritative body
of law twocomponent originate,
must concern
intellectual labour,
and political authority.
Both are
equally indispensable
The latter is necessarilyconfined
to a privileged source.
The former is the
work of any body that
pleases. It is not
necessary that they
should be the work of
the same person: it
is almost impossible
that they should be.
The men of the official legislator
in office is always
in a manner unavoidably engrossed by the
business of the day.
He has little or no
for that duty
and parsimonious course
of reflection which is
necessary to the execution
of the work of legislation
upon a great
and comprehensive

Of these two workstasks
this work of the individual
must come
first. must provide
the work of the legislator.
We are not
entitled conserve time
for not having converted
the order of things
It is for us to do our
part before he is calledcalled upon to do his
Proposition must
come before rejection
or approval.

---page break---

To go to school
and all the time
to be doing Master's

The intercourse
not the commednable
intercourse between
Tutor and Pupil
in which omniscience
is supplied on
one part, and blind
acquiescence required
on the other, in which
as the Preacher in a Pulpit the
Doctor has every thing
his own way. In
which no contradiction
could be endured
nor even curious question
willingly received
in which diversity of
sentiment would be
rebellion, and curiosity,

He will prepare nothing
which he will
not submit to their
cohesion without reserve:
and the more
efficient and independent
the part
which the Pupil has
learnt to act, the more
the learned prouder and sympathetic
feelings of the
Principles will be gratified.

---page break---

Send it to Oxford &
Cambridge - Stick it
up in the Colleges

Reference for further
particulars to J.B.
of Linc. Inn Esq.r

To Edinburgh?

To Dublin?

They will be doing
work at the same
time that they are
learning how to do
it: preaching the art
at the same time that
they are learninginstructing themselves
in the Science.

The very mechanical
operations and contraventions
will afford
amusement by diversifying
the science, and
affording a sort of from intellectual labour especially of professional in concern

It is the great praise
of a Minister that
he studies to follow
further opinion: it is
too much to expect of
almost any Minister
that he should attempt
to lead it. But the
law of public opinion
is a law made by
private individuals.
and like same upon
such individual will
step forward and propose
it no such law
can be made.

So far then from
this being an improper
science to draw
laws - improvements
from, it is in a mannerthe only
science from whence
such improvement

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