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Tothill Street to
be pulled down
and rebuilt into
a wide street at right
Angles to the Door of
the Abbey

The whole Street built
after the manner of J.
B.'s House which will
serve for the experimental

The Balconies on
both sides to be continued
on a uniform
plan forming one
continued garden

J.B. to engage to keep
up the Garden for the

J.B. to engage for the
Watching and paving
and lighting it.

The Garden to be
changed so many times
a year from Panopticon

If this Street takes
these others another may
be made opposite the
two other Doors of the
Abbey in St Margaret's
Church Yard

St Margaret's Church
Yard to be rebuilt
in a correspondent plan
in a crescent or half

The Houses to be
sold off to any one
who will buy them

The Houses all
cased with stone

The Broad way to
be included and formed
into a Mews or Square

---page break---

All the wood and
Stone work will be
done at Panopticon-
Hill: it is only for
the Iron Glass and Brick
work that other
markets must be resorted

The Center House
to be fitted up and
furnished more
J.Bians to serve as
a specimen and
pattern - especially
as a House looks so
much better fitted in
furnished any how than
altogether unfurnished.

The lower Ground-
floor in Shops? with
a foot way for the
dwelling houses over
that for the shops,
and supported by hollow
from Pillars. — —

This would form
a shelter which the
inhabitants and
Visitors of the Dwelling
-Houses would make
use of, whenever the
the weather prompted,
instead of their own
level, which would
form a terras above.

The backs of the
Houses might also
be changeable
gardens, and be made
pleasant by the Garden
and al fresco paintings.

Openings in the
side walks of the Neath Gardens to be
thrown open for the visitor at least
at certain hours and
oftener by common consent

---page break---

The providing of
shops of which the
present inhabitants
shall have the refusal
will be an
indemnity to them
for their loss of situation.

The circumstance
of a shelter will
be a great advantage
to the Shops, by
bringing customers,
as at Tunbridge &c

The Houses may
have each in breadth 5 windows
in front instead
of two, forming two
rooms above layable into
one, with a third
room behind: the
space of the fourth
room may be in
part allotted for the
inhabitants of the
shops - Quere.

One of the shops
a confectioners with
an Ice-House

The rents of the
Shops would go
near to pay the
rents of the present

The convenience of
the covered walk
would in together
with the cheerfulness
arising from the shops
would more than compensate
to the dwelling
Houses for the noise,
especially acttery
would be above it.

---page break---

In a few instances
two contiguous houses
might have their
company apartments
capable of laying
together by mutual
consent. By this
means two houses
upon the smaller
scale may occasionally
have the
advantages of a
house upon the the larger

Larger scale, two
rooms in front
below - above a
space equal to 5
windows - Smaller
scale one room in
front below: above,
a space equal to 3

If the shops must
have more room
backwards for a
dwelling part these
can be spared then
from the dwelling
houses they may
have it behind the
back yards of the
Dwelling houses,
therwith by a passage.
Lane may
have this extra-room
others not.

They may have it
in the Little Almonry
side a being the
most expensive side:
not on the Dartmouth
nch side, as being
better covered at present
& consequently
more expensive.

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