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Over the Entrance
to the Great Road
The Sotimion
Establishment for the
preservation of Female
delicacy and reputation

The advantages of optimal
solitude and necessary
combined with the
pleasures comforts of innocent

With which is connected
the Nothotrophium
Asylum for the innocent
offspring of clandestine forbidden love.

Beau vivet vivat, quae beau latuit

Open to Visitors between
the hours of
and every day

Panopticon-Hill Tavern

For the entertainment
of Visitors to the Panop
Penitentiary Panopticon
and Sotimion.
Paintings at the Entrance
Charity with her
Repentance with
eyes uplifted to
Secrecy or Silence
with her finger on
her mouth

---page break---

Surrounding Fence

Screen all round
the land
of Jalousie Lattice work
painted invisible
green beginning
in height where the
present hedge ends

Doors here and
there to throw open occasionally —
for instance
opposite the walks
on particular days and
hours when there is no reason
why the inhabitants
should not be visible
from the Road

Within side the screen
a shrubbery all round
deep and thick enough
to form a screen in time
of itself — then the
lattice screen may
be taken away

The ground of the
shrubbery to be raised
behind — so as to slope
to the walk — a gravel-walk —
the slope
a pretty steep one.

If the jalousie
screen instead of
being close to the road
be removed to a higher
part, it may be so
situated and managed
that the inhabitants
may see the passenger
in the road without
being seen from thence.
But then such inner
Jalousie will
not be a screen to those
who walk in the Gravel
walk that skirts the

---page break---

Bridge Supervial Iron

over the Road between
Hill and Sewel's

The wider and
higher the better

Depth of soil on
it sufficient for affording
rooting to
trees — such as
Mountain Ashes

Pendulous plants
1. Old man's beard
2. Periwinkles.

The Procession to
and from Chapel to
be over this Bridge.

The screen and
shrubbery to be continued
over this Bridge

Shall there be a
Tower over the Bridge?

J. B. to undertake for
keeping the Roads in
order all round —
with liberty to build
over them — to take
in part of the width
for the purpose of building
a Wall &c

The convicts may
be employ'd upon these

Quere whether it would
be eligible or allowed
if to conduct the water
from Panopticon Hill through
Sotimion to the Common
Sewer? If not it must
be brought in to Sotimion
upon a higher level, and
returned back to Panopticon
Hill upon a lower.

For the design of
the Bridge, see prints
of Natural Arches.

---page break---


The Canal may be
conducted into this
territory under a
bridge thrown over
the road.

The whole of the
Canal will answer
the purpose of a fish-pond,
if it have
here and there a recess
or pond for the
fish to retire to from

Sow the water-lily
and other beautiful
aquatics to afford
them shelter.

The place for the
Canal to come
in will of course
be the lowest part
of the ground, or
near the lowest not
far from the common
sewer which is the
boundary of the land.

Fountains — for
the most convenient
modes see the Books
of Nat. Philosophy

For entertainment
of the populace,
Fountains of Beer
Punch & Wine
worked by fro compressed
Air, with
pipes with stop-cocks
from the receiving bason.

Voracious fish, as
Pike & Perch may
be kept in grated
But quere whether
worth while to try such
ordinary fish
Try Trout
Eels in certain situations
Try the effect of nutritions
& other impregnations
on fish.

Surrounding Fence.

Here and there in
the room of the
Jalousie may be

For the ground of
the Paintings, Laminated
planks prepared
with oil.

The Fence towards
the Neighbours to
especially near the
Houses to be made
as compleat an eye-fence
as possible,
and to be lined with
Poplars and a shrubbery
sloping from
them to a Gravel

Quere what tall
quick-growing evergreens
are there?

No place for Carriages
to come in & turn within
the territories —
that would be so much
lost ground. Vau Instead
thereof, a covered
walk, more
Vaux-hall, to the
present House. This
too would add to the

For prospect sake it
might be raised.
No persons to be admitted
previous to
the opening, without
tickets — tickets 1s a

Views of the Sotimion
in its present
& intended state to
be given with the
Book of Proposals
Quere Repton to
to draw the

---page break---

Ground — Disposal of

The elevated part to
be all of it covered
either with Cabbins,
Gravel Walks, Shrubberies
or Grass Plot. No Kitchen
Garden here — Grass smooth
shaven under such of the
Fruit-trees as are left

The sloping part in
like manner. The slopes
here, & there sudden, in steps
The low part in Meadow
or Pasture for Cattle
especially Cows for Milk
for the Inhabitants.

How to protect such
fruits as cherries, plums
&c from depredation?
Perhaps it might be
necessary to collect them
together in particular
quarters and shut them
up by lattice-work
or rails.

The surrounding
shrubbery may, for
variety, advance here
and there in curved

The Shrubbery may be
composed in good measure
of fruit trees interspersed
with a few of the most shewy
flowering shrubs. Little
need of shrubs that flower
at the same time of the
year as the Fruit Trees.

If there were to be a
Conservatory, the covered
approach might be the
conservatory, and to make
it attractive, it might be
kept generally open at the
daytime, the front to the
road adorned with the
choicest flowers, as at

Network or Lattice work
or shrubs to prevent depredation —
though the
Porter would be a check

A transverse partition
half-way — of glass but
rendered less than semi-transparent —
partly to prevent prevent the whole length from being seen all at once, thereby leaving room for the imagination to play, partly to screen the tenderest plants from being affected in frosty weather by the opening of the Door from the Great Road. The entrance half closed by a cylindrical pillar with plants round it, something something in the manner of Colville's, leaving only a glympse of the rectilinear continuation. Quere whether the continuation may not be a gentle curve? The Porter's Lodge within the Cylinder.

---page break---

Existing House.

Present House will serve
1. Ground floor Common Kitchen
2. Coff Common Coffee-Room.
First Floor
3. Second Floor. Governess's
& servants'

Kitchen to be fitted
up with Hark's Apparatus.

In the Coffee Room
Fountains of Lemonade?
Orgeat? A Rose-Water
Orange flower & Lavender
watered by compressed

Apply this idea to
the Gate Rooms
in the Q. S P. House.
The Vessels plated
with Silver. The
Fountains to play at
the Bar; where the
refreshments are supplied.

Inhabitants betraying
any thing of indelicacy
to be confined
to a small Coffee Room
of their own.

---page break---

Panopt. Tavern.

The House opposite
would do for a bettermost
sort of Public
House - Death's remaining
for the lower
sort of people, as he
could not accommodate
any of the better
sort: therefore the
new one would not
interfere with him
J. B. to take Anti-Sewel's
for that purpose.
It would probably
let underlet to advantage
to a Publican, who
would lay out money
in improving it, or
even without being
any more than Tenant
at Will, J. B. re-imbursing
him in case
of ouster.

Anti-Sewel's commands
or may be
made to command
a view of Sewels, the
Chain of Ponds, Sewels
and Panopticon-Hill.

Sotimion at Sewels must be
well screened in that
case from the every
part of Anti-Sewel's:
at least so that there
shall no more be visible
than just enough
to pique

---page break---


Warning by a Bell
when Visitors come
unless the time of the
day be sufficient warning.
Effects of a
of money paid
traced ?
in the
Try a minimum
in one of the plates for good

Entablatures, Pilaster
Coloured Arches round
doors, or door-
species of Glass
hollow to hold
& goldfish — some
transfers with
leaves on one side
others with one boundary
of looking-glass.

The price of admission
may be higher,
when all the embellishments
are compleat.

The Avenue to lead
to the Examination
Room where Visitors
stay to be examined
by the Sotimianan

Bell (and quere
from the Porter's Lodge
to the House.

Iron or other transparent
doors across
from each side of the

Porter a Chelsea Pensioner —
or rather a
Gardener who has some
infirmity that unfits
him for common Gardener's

---page break---

Uses of the Avenue — Conservatory

1. It will save so much
ground as would be
necessary for the Road,
& for turning for Carriages
2. It would preserve the
concealment, by preventing
visitors from coming in
before they have been inspected,
and seeing more
than they ought to see
3. It will be an Eye-trap,
for which Reason
the approach ought to
be from the Great Road,
not from the Bye Road CABBINS Alternating, in order not to intercept one another's prospect.
4. It will make the establishment
the more
piquant, by not admitting
Visitors to see
any part of it, unless
they come to see the

But quare as to the
since the health of
the plants will require
it to be open in summer
when it rains,
while the convenience
of Visitors would require
it to be shut.
In such case there
must be glass partitions,
which would add greatly
to the expence.

Sufficient if the
Lodge be Conservatory

Would not the existing
Wall, if it be
a Wall serve as one
boundary to the Avenue?
If there is no Wall,
but only a wooden fence
other or Hedge, a Wall
might be built, &
made to answer that
purpose. This Wall the

---page break---

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