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Copied Jan 26th 1796 Cheap bread to be made at Redbridge &c


Rice one pound
Wheat flour five lbs
Boil or rather
simmer the rice
in water till it
becomes perfectly
soft, bruise it so
that it may have
the appearance
of an uniform
jelly, then mix
the flour with it,
the yest salt, &
as much water
as necessary to
knead it.

Potatoes, beanflour,
rye flour, or barley
meal equal weights.
Fermented slowly
and a slow oven.

Potatoes & bean flour
equal weights—

Potatoes, wheaten
flour & bean flour
equal weights

Scotch barley,
maize, grits, pease
or beans boiled in
the same manner
as directed for the
rice & made into
bread with perhaps
an equal
weight of flour
of any kind; &
half the weight
of potatoes if
with wheaten
flour, an equal
weight if with
any other—

---page break---

Bean flour one
pound; neats foot
jelly, about as
stiff as calve's
foot jelly
is usually
made, half
a pint—

Animal gluten
instead of
the gluten of
wheat has never
yet been tried
at all, but it may
probably be found
an excellent substitute
and is
worth the trouble
of trial 3
or 4 times in
different proportions
& with
various kinds
of meal—

---page break---

In bread making
note the
following particulars
at the
time of making
it, otherwise
they will be
vague experiments
which it will
be impossible
to ascertain
the comparative

Measure of the
grain before it
is sent to the mill
Weight of the
whole grain—
Weight of flour
returned by the

Weight of brand.
Quantity by wt
of fuel consumed
on boiling the
rice &c or whether
the heat of the
oven after bread
is drawn or other
unemployed heat
be sufficient.

Weight of bread
when first made
into Dough—
Weight of Dough
when put into the
Weight of bread
when taken out
of the oven—
Weight of bread
in 24 hours after
it is taken
out of the oven—
Millers charge
for mealtime
---page break---
<p>The gluten of
wheat gives lightness
& porosity

Potatoes contain
more gluten than

To make the
cheapest bread
it is usual to employ
one part potatoes,
two parts
cheap flour; but
to make very light
bread of oatmeal &c
there should be
two parts potatoes,
one part meal—

Wheaten flour,
bean flour,
rice &
potatoes may be
used in mixtures
to give whiteness-

Potatoes to make
bread keep long with
out growing harsh

Also to give
sweetness to overcome
the bitter
taste of oatmeal

Maize is supposed
to make
a very white bread
When bread has
been made too dry
cool it very quickly,
but not in
a place where
there is a current
of air; if too
wet cool it gradually
in a mode
rate current of air
Alum is mixed
with bread to make
it dry, white, &
---page break---
<p>Carraway seeds,
treacle, raisins,
fruit, may be
mixed with
coarse bread
to disguise the
taste & colour, &
to save butter
& cheese.

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