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A 1 Political Prospects

In this age of letters and of politics — more
especially at this a crisis thus pregnant with
dark and disastrous formidable events, or events, or which
is the same thing a session never scarce ever opens without
a Pamphleteer or two to usher it. in. A few Politicians
of us are never wanting, who for want of situation faculties
political or natural or tongue [or reputation] to get make themselves
read heard obtain hearers, which is commonly the first ambition, use employ exert their their endeavours efforts content themselves as well as they can, with employing their efforts. to make themselves obtain readers read. Pamphlets
are never wanting: for the opening wanted are accordingly the pamphlet of the wanter
is commonly produced from the one or the other of
the two opposite sources. The present pamphlet production, it
will be but too evident, has no claim to say
the such illustrious and exclusive article: —
to be compose a pamphlet, such as it is, a pamphlet is the sole pretension of these
humble pages.

Anticipation was the name word which in the
memory of some still living, gave title to the pamphlet of
the then approaching Session. the things objects there anticipated being were
so many splendid speeches. The present, were not the same preoccupied might might have some pretension to it: though at a distance of the respect that illustrious prototype — proposing to itself for not splend speeches these being so universally anticipated already but an object much less pleasant to be contemplated the fruit of the times and clad in the colour of the times< - to wit dark events. In a word unsteady - splendid speeches dark events: dark by their possible effects upon the suffering mind: dark at any rate in the mean time by the cloud of uncertainty in which they appear in. a

In putting these pages thus upon a line with
that [facetious and once] celebrated pamphlet production, I mean
not by any means to represent them as upon a par aspiring to put themselves
with it in point of political importance. In speaking
of wants I mean presume not to put them upon a level par
with speeches. [I mean meaning always with speeches from
a certain quarter and in a certain place.] The tongue
is the member engine by which we are governed: the ear
not as some would say the nose is the handle by which we are led. In Pliny, and
alternating precedents are on record not of Ministers only
but of whole nations without heads. But no a precedent
[ is any where to be found not even in Pliny,]
of a Minister without a tongue. is not to be found make Pliny not in all

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