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+ tolerable precision the
expense hitherto bestowed upon
and likely in future to be
called for by this egine
of chronical punishment,
have been obtained from
the sources referred to in
the margin.

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4. Fourth modification of chronical punishment -
transportation to a Colony planted on purpose - the Colony
in of New South Wales including the offset to Norfolk Island.}
Materials for calculating + calculate
Your proud to estimate calculate
actual past and probable future Convict punishment
this expence of the Colony of the South Wales.
I Total of Expence for the whole period of 12 Years, ending
in 1797 inclusions- compared with an provided for
Total expence as for Secretary of } £ s d
870,889:1:8 3/4
State's Account for the 12 years ending}
1797 - - - - - - -
Add expences of Kings Ships as} 116,639:9:11
per do& freight of Dutch Ship}
Add expence of hiredpurchased ships as 23,981:15:0
per do
Add 4 years annual expence}
of 4 years ending in 1797}
of do as per do at £5,720} 22,880:0:0
Expence of do for 1793}
the year when hired}- - - - £2,860
say 1/2 a years expence }
s d
Grand total of expence for the }£1,037,491:15.7 3/4 12 years. - - - - - -}
Total Naval Expence over and above £166 361:4:11
the articles employed in the General Account
Annual expence upon are} s d
average of the 12 years - -}£86,457:12:11 1/2 </del>
1037,491:15:7 3/4 :-12= - - -}
No of Convicts shipped in the
12 years as for do Account - - - - 5765

This number having been shipped
off gradually in the course of the
period, and the numbers shipped
off in each year not being ascertainable +
the only supposition
that can be made is that the progression
has been equable,
in which case it comes to the
same thing as if the whole
number had been shipped off (and
the provision made for them thereby had taken )
place the middle of the period, </del>
place) at the middle of the period,
or (what comes again to the same
thing) as if half the number had
been provided for during the whole
of the period say therefore 2883.

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