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3 Clause 23 Supplemental Article Article 2d 2

time as aforesaid, then and in such case upon which notice [given to
him the said Lord Jeremy Bentham by on the part
of the said Lords Commissioners] to erect the said
Penitentiary House upon the said Lot A already purchased, he the
said Jeremy Bentham shall proceed to erect the
same upon such convenient part of the said Lot A as he shall
choose: [+] [+] and in each case, the Year within which the said Penitentiary House is according to the first in Article to be compleated, shall commence and be computed from the day of such notice. And it is hereby further agreed that
if the at the time of the death of him the said Jeremy Bentham should chance
to die it should happen that the said compensation
money or any part thereof should remained in shall be remaining
the hands of unaccounted for in his hands, without
if having been accounted for or disposed of in
manner as above mentioned, the same shall be repaid
(but without interest) by his Exors Administrator or Assignee to the said Lords Commissioners
to be by them disposed of and applied to for the benefit
of the said Penitentiary Establishment and of the successors
of the said Jeremy Bentham in respect thereof
in such manner as to the wisdom of their said
Lordships shall seem meet. in augmentation of
the quantity of ground which shall thereto have been
allotted as aforesaid and, in the meantime and until such augmentation
can take place shall have taken place, can in such other manner
as to the wisdom of their said Lordships shall
appear seem most convenient seem meet.

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