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In the mean time pursuing its became visible alone course had quitte the Ocean. Victorious Eneas
at dawn the dawn of day poured forth his Prayers to the Gods: altho' he is engaged
with hastiness preparation for of burial of his companions & V < \ and with a mind depressed
with ye death of Pallas. He placed upon a mount, having cut off the Roots,
a huge Oak, and upon this deposited the resplendent armour, the spoils
taken from Mergentius: a trophy of oh God of War, sacred to you: round the
oak were susppended feathers plumes dipped drenched with gore, a broken
spear, and a shield stricken and breast plate stricken and pierced in
twelve different places: a brazen shield on ye left hand was bound to it
a brazen shield, and upon the branches was suspended an ivory hilted sword.
Then with a joyful countenance he thus addressed companions, who
in a close commpacte crowd surrounded him: Friends we have accomplished
the most arduous part of our undertaking: banish from your minds all
apprehensions of the future. What remains to be done! here are the spoils of the
plunder taken from the haughty Turnus: for his Migentius slain by
my hand. Now is the time for preserving our course to the Latium & its
King. Prepare your arms, and remind your warlike valour.
& contemplate the coming battle with hope & confidence. In the
- ¬ & & & & £ / unsepulchred bodies of our companions to ye earth: and adorn
with ye highest honour, the manes of their valorous companions whose blood was
spilt in obtaining conquering for us this country. Pallas is forthwith borne so
th was - struck City of Evander; Pallas who thanks to ye Gods was not snatched off
and carried to an instorious tomb before he had even proofs of the most transcendence

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An account of the extra expence incurred
by the Public in the Year 1797 in the
execution of the Acts of Parliament for
punishing Convicts on Board the Hulks
at Woolwich by hard Labour on the
River Thames


An Account of the expence of maintaining
and Guarding Sundry Convicts confined on
Board the Fortune & Lion Hulks and 3
Hospital Ships in Langston and Portsmouth
Harbours for the year 1797 also of the average
number on Board and Nature of their
Employment during that Period.


Amount of the Account for the Prudentia
Hulk in the Year 1797.

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No 1 Plan of the Section Foundation
No2 Plan with divisions Section of the Building, showing part of the Saw frame
No3 Section sharing the Chapel
with the Organ {24h
No4 Section on a large Scale {24h
No5 Plan on a large Scale 24h
No6 Plan with 12{ants
No 7 Plan & Elevation 12 {ants
with a Square Building attached
No8 S

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an account of the extra expence incurred by the public in the year 1797 in the execution of the acts of parliament for punishing convicts on board the hulks at woolwich by hard labour on the river thames



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