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29 Jany 1809 Peines 20

Paley 11 "Nor describable with th accuracy requisite in legal description" But the faculty of giving the requisite accuracy is not so rare as is here supposed, all that is required being the expressing common ideas such as description of goods term & in common language
A salvo, it must be confessed admitted still remains to him - viz.
the salvo expressed by the words "or to ascertain however
"with that exactness which is requisite in legal description."
But the exactness thus requisite for a
legal purpose, what is it but the exactness requisite
for any practical purpose. Be the purpose what it will, the will
discourse of any person or persons or otherwise can upon no other terms condition be rightly acted
upon, than in so far as it is clearly understood: nor
clearly understood by means and in consequence of a discourse, than
in as far as it is clearly expressed by such discourse.
The nature Neither in the nature of the crimes for the prevention
of which the laws in question are designed, or supposed to be designed
has nothing magical in nor of the <add>supposed undesirable circumstances to which such importunate </add>
is ascribed by him, nothing is there any thing mysterious in them or
abstruse. Crimes and circumstances wh taken together,
whatsoever, if any, be the distinction difference between the two classes,
of objects thus designated and distinguished, are among,
all parties concerned — parties wronged as well as wrongdoers — matters subjects of perpetual
conversation, as among the wrongdoers they are
to so unhappy a degree, of proportional . Goods
of such or such a sort - goods to such or such a value
in or out of a house - time night or day light
concealment attempted or endeavoured at or not endeavoured at - supposition
of right to be entertained or not entertained by him -
who them - in all this, [+] [+] and abundance more that might be added in the same strain. there is nothing but what is is there any thing that is
not to be found in every understanding, as well as in every
mouths? (a)

Insert here a note stating / Note (a on his p. 280. the 'apparations' he enumerates.

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