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"No one will adventure upon the commission of any enormous
crime"- This, according to one made of interpretation,
is a proposition, a proposition which;an independent proposition
a proposition by which the existence of a custom state of things - and
unquestionably of it diddid it but but exist a very happy one-state of things-
is announced dd <add>uposted</add> in the chancellor of a cause an effect.
The Cause of it, as indicated immediately after indicated by the word from, a knowledge that the
laws have have not provided for its punishment.'

This interpretation, though in gramatical point
of view the most obvious interpretation, being in a rational
point of view untenable, we are reduced to look
out for another; and as others can be expressed but by
a paraphrase, substituting what appears present to an indeterminate and unintelligible
clause thatwhich presents itself as the nearest intelligible
one. There does not exist (let us say) On the part of
any one who has in contemplation the commission of
any enormous crime, there does <add>existsnot(let us say) <add>fashion exist any such knowledge of respecting
the non-existence of any absence of allOn provision made for its punishment, as will be sufficient cause
him to adventure upon the commission of
it. In this sense insipid and trifling as the proposition
is, it can not be charged with being untrue: but as
the characters of an argument in favour of the system of
punishment, of the excellency of which it is employed to
help persuade us, it amounts towhat does it amount to? - really nothing - forasmuch
as it would apply, and with the same form, in justification
of any other system of punishment, which stood happened to stand annext to the offence

here in question:- any punishment - no matter what - so it
even but punishment. were annext, [+][+] under his system in regard to punishment, so far as it extends, there will always be some a motive for abstaining from crimes. True: and so there will there under any other system. Yet this is among the arguments by which the superiority of this to every other system is according to his notion of the matter proved.

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