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For the present, this much for imagination: meantime
let us take a <add>glance peep at practice.(a) #</add>
(a) Note In the description of this stbable intincts in question, literally correct statementsdisjunctions are less purposely avoided viz. partly to avoid engaging in particular discussion discussion respecting matters and foreign to the purpose, partly to avoid positing and confining the eye of censure to particular individuals, in a case in which the fault if any

When a fresh destruction - dealing statute of this sort comes
to be added to the heap, the procedure therein thereupon, so far as
concerns the present purpose, is naturally and commonly
in this wise. The man who having lost some of his
turnips wishes to take this chance for preserving the remainder,
or at any . rate for catching the thief in Dr
Paley's net, applies to two sorts of person, thea Member for
the County or for one of the Boroughs contained in it, and
an Attorney. The Attorney with an Act about
potatoes for hisprecedent and his model, draw a Bill for
turnips: the Member, being informed by the Attorney of the
existence of the Potato Act, performs his Motion by a speech
the substance of which is - You being a man for potatoes,
pray why not as well for turnips? No possible material difference}
being to be assigned, of precedent and consistency without looking further} be
this case as in almost all others,[+] be regarded as constituting a sufficient warrant, the Bill except where pressing and particular interest makes and exception
paper of course(a). fault there be, belongs to thewhole system. In any index of to the Statute book. the list of felonies will, if turned to, show whither from any variation observable in the description of the statutes articles, the argument suffers from may change.

(a) If haply member for the same district, and of the opposite
party, jealous of the reason that may be gained by equating
turnips to potatoes, upon time to oppose the Bill
then comes the argument above spoken of, about the multitude
of penal laws, especially those which app capital
punishment, and the cruelty of adding to them. This argument
being in their applicationin its nature of it of the number of
these convenient arguments which lead toleading no conclusion, and
have every body exactly as much at liberty as he was before,
nobody can ever have any objection tonotes to hear it or to deliver it:
it is as good on one occasion as another, and in one mouth as another.
another. Cause another ,and she may be changed. The Honourable Gentleman who erst opposed the Bill for turnips, may now bring in a Bill of his own for carrots: which Bill may now with as little difficulty find an opponent in the patron of turnips. But for him whose seal if for a caing or are open and populous Borough,opposition seems as such an occasion, the best time to tutor, as giving room for a speech in favour of humanity, and all that.

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