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London University whigs.

My attempts were to
diffuse new Democracy activity
into the Council more
frequently, than was
originally provided
for, — by the introduction
of new members & the
exit of old ones.

To make attendance
a sine qua non of
re-eligibility. Mr.
Tooke noted that all
the members of the
Council had constantly
attended— That they
would continue to
attend regularly was
contrary to all
experience — & the
fact may now be
appealed to whether
they have attended.
All other aptitude
is nullified by absence.

Why not throw out some
of the Saints who are doing
so much mischief?

Hume complains that
members of the Council
who do not attend are
brought down when a
particular question is to
be carried!

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They would not
support the Unitarian
petition in favor
of free discussion

They have treated the
advocates for the Ballot,
with invariable scorn
and contempt

Consenting to &
desiring the pensioning
of the Irish Catholic

London University

Why not universal
competition among
Architects for the

Polis have sent many
students to Edinbro'. The
last I knew Lach Szyrma
was appointed to a
Professorship at Warsaw
immediately on his return

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I have just prevented
a friend from making
an attack upon him

7 Gloster Street
Dorset Square

Hume returns on
Tuesday next. 2 Octr.

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Dicenda to Hume

Correspondence with King
of Holland. To whom did
Falck send my Papers?

His attack on the Church

London University.
Bowring —

---page break---

Dicenda to Hume

Visit of Jas. Barnett &
John Smith on the Greek
affair — & their statement
of apprehensions from the
attacks of the Press.

5 Oct. Hume at Q.I.P

promised to write me
an statement
on the subject.

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