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1818 Oct. 16
Defence of Radicalism against Ed. Review

§. Necessity of tumult an article of the Whig Creed – Perry, vindication
of it.

§ In Morng Chron 16 Oct. 1818 Simultaneous Election reprobated,
Tumult lauded – viz on the occasion of an article on France.
☞ This may be referred to as Fallacious, Article Paradox-brandisher's
N.B. Refer to the Riot Act, where Tumult is made a capital offence.

From the Morning Chronicle 16 Oct. 1818. Ed Editor's Article

"All the present agitation in France is confined to the canvass
for coming elections: and it is curious to read the detail of the Stratagems,
chicanery, and plots to which the Agents of Ministry have recourse in
the underhand way of their Elections. While the most able and constitutional
writers affect to condemn that ebullition of animal spirits which,
during a general Election in England, gives rise to occasional tumults
and violence, they seem to be unaware of the more dangerous
effect of that dark unobtrusive and secret course in which the Elections
are managed in France. In England the open hustings – the
general congregation of the people – the public baiting of the Candidates
(if we may be allowed the phrase) – the enthusiasm that the bustle
creates – the importance that it gives to the lowest voter – all concur
to create a revivifying power favourable to the popular cause,
and, in our minds, of all the projects of reform ever offered to the consideration
of Parliament, that was the worst, which proposed that the
Members should be all chosen in one day, in their respective Districts,
and that the Members should be stolen into Parliament
through Parish Vestries. something of this kind, though not so immediately
tending to corruption, exists in France
, and the account
of the artifices employed by Ministers, as detailed in the Minerve,
are certainly more favourable fatal to the popular cause, than all
the drunkenness, clamour and effervescence of an English Election.
But the Representative System is yet in infancy in France; and, no
doubt, as light is spread over the community, they will get rid of their
primary and secondary elective bodies, since the best chance for national
security is to renew from time to time, in every bosom, the sense of
his indefeasible rights, and of his personal importance."

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Defence of Radicalism against Ed. Review




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