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1819 May 21
Collectanea. Chancery Delays &c – Eldon's Conduct

M.A. Taylor's Speech in the H. of Commons, 20 May from
Morng Chronicle 21 May 1819. For 49: against 77: majority, 28.

Bankruptcy business. Mr M.A. Taylor said he tend to request
the indulgence of the House while he called their attention
to a subject in its nature certainly not very entertaining, namely
the subject of the delays in the High Court of Chancery. But though
this was a dry subject, it was one which was interested to a great part
of the community, which, unless some aid was afforded by Parliamen,
would continue to suffer greatly from the delays in the Court
of Chancery. But though He should state the grounds on which
he brought forward the present motion, with perfect respect to the
Judges who presided in the Courts referred to in that motion
; but at
the same time he should do the subject fair justice, and
should shrink from nothing. The question to which he should call
their attention was, whether the aid afforded to the public in 1813,
by the appointment of a Vice Chancellor's Court had answered
the end which the Legislature intended it should have, and whether
any other step was not now necessary to relieve the Court of Chancery.
He did not wish at present to enter into any of the particulars
of the mischief which had arisen from the delay. He attributed
the delay of decision to the pressure of business, which no human
strength could perform, and from which he wished to relieve the Lord
Chancellor. He owned that he wished to propose that the House shd
agree to a Committee; and if the House should grant this, then he shd
prove from the authentic Registers of the Court, by the Officers of the Court,
and by professional men, that great actual injustice took place
from delay in the Court of Chancery. He begged the House would
look to the expence of proceedings in Chancery. He did not ask
this for his own part, for he had never writhed under the pressure
of that Court. But he had seen families ruined and undone by it; he
had know many families who had lost their all by it. Though
facts connected with this subject had been given him by persons
of the highest rank and character in the profession, yet he would
not bring them forward except in a Committee, where they might
be examined into, when no doubt would remain of their truth. The
question was, whether the separation of the Bankruptcy business
from that of the great seal might not give fair time for the

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Collectanea Chancery Delays &c - Eldon's Conduct




M. A. Taylor's Speech on the H. of Commons 20 May from Morng Chronicle 21 May 1819



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