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1819 Sept 25
Collectanea. Parl. Reform Bill Electors Whigs Radicalism not dangerous

Turns for allow them Novr 3 or 2. Rupert, Property.

Mankind and hurtting and Disturbing danger
imputed to Radicalists.</p>

Ma Speeches indication of danger to property from
universal suffrage.

Morn. Chron. 24 Sept. 1819. At Southwark Meeting
on the Manchester Massacre – Sir Robt Wilson M.P.

"It (viz. the plan of Universal Suffrage and Annual
Parliaments) "attracted the opposition of those who
"possessed property, from a reluctance the most natural,
"to place that property under the protection of
"those who possessed none: it was rendered the more
"objectionable from the very reprehensible intolerance
"with which its advocates pressed it."

Morng Chron 26 Octr. 1819 – Speaking of the depression
of the Funds the Courier says – "But the vigorous measures
"adopted by the Government, will restore the confidence
"of the stockholder, and convince him and all classes of
"the community, who have any thing to lose, that their properties
"will not be surrendered to the Radicals."

Morn. Chron. 10 Septr 1819. At the Common Consul
9 Octr 1819
Deputy Jacks – "And pray what kind of Reform did these
persons wish for? Why their professed object was Universal
Suffrage, and Annual Parliaments and vote by
Ballot. Such was their object avowedly, which would certainly
lead to a total subversion of the House of Commons.
For when it was considered that the poor in
the Country here so high a proportion to those who held
property, then if every person was to have a vote what
would become of property in toto; or where would its
proper influence be? The vote by Ballot had already
been shewn in many cases to be very defective and
corrupt; as was well known."

Morn. 27 Septr 1. Remarkable mass of vague vituperation against
radicalism in Morng Chron. Barking upon papers.
2. Excellent speech of Charman Edwards at Birmingham. Closing resolution
reprobates Monarchs impeccability.

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