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1819 Oct. 18

Morn Chron. 18 Oct. 1819
Cumberland County Meeting at 13 Oct 1819

1. Mr Curwins Speech

I avow myself a friend to the people, and that I am for
Reform, – a Constitutional Reform;
not such a Reform
as is preached to the people by designing men.

Annual Parliaments, from the institution
of which, the people have been endeavoured to be
taught to expect so much, would tend to make the Representative
corrupt by inducing him always to keep
his eye on pleasing for the moment, instead of attending
to the real interests of his Country.

I blame not the people for the apathy
which they have latterly shown to Constitutional Reform;
but the Whigs, and myself amongst the rest for
not coming forward to head them – we have no interest
distinct from that of the people
, and I trust that this
meeting will bring the people forward in the line of their duty.

Now let me observe that I do not approve
of such large meetings as that of Manchester; – a single
ebullition might have endangered the lives the properties
of many Individuals.

But when we pay deference to the Crown,
it is not a servile deference, but to a creature made for our use.

But if a change of Administration take
place, and the Whigs come into power, it is to be hoped that
they will act for the people, and not, like the Ministers in power,
create three millions of taxes, when, by economy, they might save
half that sum in the collection of the taxes in existence.

The Gentry of England have been calumniously
asserted to have no feeling for the people.

Mr. Graham's Speech.

The secret training to arms has been shewn
clearly to be illegal –

I believe it to be the intention of his Majesty's
Ministers still farther to restrain the right of Petition,
and the liberty of the press.

If a sufficient cause case be made out to
suspend our liberties, but do not let them be destroyed.

Mr Curwin
..... declared Radical Reform Revolution
See Mr Broughams Speech in which he declares he shall continue
in the opinions in which he was when opposers (Burdett's Resolution), unless he can reason for changes.

Per Rev. Stanley, the Constitution going a quick pace to despotism.
Rev, Stanley regards measures more than men: but was against the Ministry; and against radicalism

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