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1819 Decr 6.
Collectanea. Parl. Reform Ireland Despotism Dangerous &c.

Morn. Chron. Decr. 6, 1819
Extract from. —

"The following paragraph we copy from the Tuam
Gazette of Monday last:–"

'We are sorry to learn that those misguided and
'deluded wretches under the denomination of Ribbon-men,
are making their appearance in our Country, and
'that to an extent which we were before not aware of;
'if we are to give credit to rumours, these villains are
'said to have the hardihood of venturing within four and
'six miles of this town, swearing in all classes as they
'proceed, but doing no injury. We understand that they
'mean to prevent, by these oaths, the use of Tobacco, snuff
'and spirits, and all other articles subject to duty. The
'only positive account we have of these midnight
'visits is, that Friday night last, nearly two thousand
'of them assembled in Moylough, and were proceeding
'to their unlawful swearing, when their plans were
'frustrated by the timely interference of that zealous
'and spirited Magistrate, the Rev. John O'Rorke, who, at
'the risk of his life, headed a party of 12. soldiers only,
'who were lately quartered there, and placed themselves
'in a position to give them on their approach a warm
. The unfortunate fellows, not thinking of
'what was in store for them, advanced shouting and
'huzzaing, at which time the military got orders to
'fire over their heads merely to deter them, and which
proved successful, as in a very few minutes not one
'of them was seen. We hear one man was killed, and
'some more wounded, as there was blood seen for a considerable
'distance in the direction they wee traced. On
'the return of the party they discovered one of them concealed
'in some bushes, whom they secured, and next day
'marched into this town, under a warrant from the above
'named Magistrate, on his way to the county goal,
'Galway. This circumstance, we trust, will set as a salutary
'lesson to their other deluded brethren in this quarter.

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Collectanea Parl. Reform Ireland Despotism dangerous &c




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