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deliver judgement in such cases; but after this warning,
it was to be understood that in future cases of a like
nature, the same degree of punishment would not be
deemed sufficient. The Learned Judge then sentenced the
defendants as follows: Haris to be imprisoned seven weeks
Shocter six weeks, Watling six weeks and Whitehorn one month
in the Middlesex House of Correction, and Cahuac one month
and Francis one month in Horsemonger lane Jail; each
of the defendants at the expiration of their respective term
of imprisonment, to enter into security for their good behaviour
for three years, themselves in 50£ and two sureties
in 25£ each.

The King v. Robert Wedderburne.

The Solicitor General prayed the Judgement of the
Court upon this defendant, who was convicted at the Sittings
after last Term, before the Chief Justice, of uttering blasphemous
words of and concerning the Holy Scriptures and the
Christian Religion, in a chapel in Berwick Street, wherein
he was a licensed Unitarian preacher.

The defendant being asked what he had to urge in mitigation
of punishment, put in a written paper containing
matter nearly similar to that which he offered
on his trial, in which he attempted to justify his conduct,
and professed his willingness to die a martyr to what he
considered persecution by a tribunal not competent to try
a matter of conscience.

The Solicitor General spoke shortly in aggravation
of punishment.

Mr Justice Bayley in passing sentence, expatiated with
considerable feeling on the enormity of the crime of which
the defendant was convicted, and deplored the with
which he still persevered in avowing his guilt. The judgement
of the Court was, that he should be imprisoned for
two years in Dorchester Jail, and at the expiration of that
time to enter into securities for his good behaviour, himself
in 50£ and two sureties in 25£ each.

John Osborne and George Ragg who were severally
tried and convicted at the last assizes for Warwickshire,
for publishing No 12 of the "Black Book, or Corruption
Unmasked", were brought up to receive containing a libel on the Liturgy of the Church
of England, were brought up to receive the judgement
of the Court, on the motion of Mr Clarke and Mr Sergeant

The Court, after hearing M<hi rend="superscript">r Dawson</hi> on behalf
of the defendants, sentenced them to two months imprisonment
each, in Cold Bath field prison, at the
end of that time to enter into securities for their good behaviour,
themselves in 50£ and two sureties in £25 each.

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