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1820 July 31.
Collectanea Naples

Morn. Chron. July 31, 1820.

"We were led the other day, from the number of Neapolitan writers,
who have distinguished themselves of late years in Political
Economy and Legislation, to infer that more useful
knowledge must be diffused among the Neapolitans
than has generally been supposed in this country. When
Galiani, in 1749, on currency, and another in 1754 on
the Corn Trade, and when Felangieri, at a subsequent
period attacked the absurd notions there, and still received
in matters of Legislation, with an eloquence
that immediately threw the abettors of tyranny and
superstition into dismay, we may conclude that
addressing themselves to the people, the people whom
they so addressed, were in some degree prepared to
receive their doctrines."

"We cannot help too, recollecting the experiment
which, with the most benevolent views, the greatest
man whom the world has yet seen in Legislation
we mean our own Jeremy Bentham, lately made
as the Numa of the North,, and the conclusion to
which he was at last obliged to come, that it is a
fundamental principle with him, "that in the
hands of the ruling and subruling few, the nearerm
the subject many can be brought to the condition
of the beasts of the field, the better it will
be for the interests eternal as well as temporal
of all parties."

"Our Russian Correspondent is mistaken in supposing
that the book of Storch is not known in
this country. But this book is at once an illustration
of the truth of Mr Bentham's conclusion, and a
proof of what we have been stating as to the restraint
under which philosophy must move in a despotic
Court. Smith attached the prevailing system of his
own country, and his book is one continued examplification
of the blunders of English Legislation and
and practice in matters of trade. Felangieri's book is
one continued attack on the prevailing abuses in Naples.
But Mr Storch's book is an extract from the Eng. French & German writers on Political
Economy, Legislation and the History of Civilization."

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Morn. Chron. July 31 1820



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