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1821. Septr 15th.

humanity, but we boldly avow that in this affair, as in all others
submitted to its decision, the national representation flatters itself
that it has not deviated one step out of its line of duty, & on this point
of recognises with your Majesty that when the balance of the powers
in a Constitutional State is once destroyed, the conventions which
follow are incalculable.

In what concerns the Liberty of the Press, the Storthing acknowledges
that with us this precious right of a few people has been greatly
abused: & it is with profound grief that the Storthing has understood
that the other European powers should have considered the
scandalous abuses of the Press which have existed in this country
as the expression of national feeling; but we console ourselves
with the certainty that your Majesty will do more justice to the
people of this nation which be it said without ostentation, have inherited
from their ancestors an invincible loyalty & fidelity towards
their King & whose glory it has been, from time immemorial
to display proofs of such a disposition. Yes Sir we behold with
pride & with the most heartfelt gratitude, in the august person of
your Majesty, the protector of public liberty; and in that of your
noble son, his Royal Highness the Prince Royal who we regret it
deeply, is not present on this occasion by the side of his illustrious
father, we behold with the same pride a protector not less zealous
& our intercessor with the Throne. As the moment when your Majesty
is about to return amidst a brother people we invoke, for the
King & the Prince Royal of the two United Nations the protection of
the Almighty.

The Storthing in recommending itself, in the name of the nation,
to the high regard of your Majesty, separates with praying —
"God preserve the King & his two Kingdoms."

The King then returned to his palace & the Storthing immediately
afterwards proceeded thither in a body to present to his
Majesty their respectful homages.

This day being the anniversary of the election of the King, as successor
to the Swedish Crown, all the personages composing the suite
of his Majesty, also his Excellency M. the holder of Norway &
the Generals of the Camp of Etterstad, assembled in the morning, to
offer to the King the homage of their dutiful sentiments, as well as the
expression of their heartfelt gratitude, through the organ of his
Excly the M. Chancellor of the Court, Count de Wetterstede.

His Majesty deigned to reply in the most affectionate towns,
by assuring all present of his high good will, & repeating the sentiments
of regard he has so often expressed towards the Swedish

In the afternoon his Majesty review in the troops which were
assembled in the vicinity of the town. He was saluted on his arrival
& also on his return, with the most enthusiastic acclamation from the

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