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1821. Septr 28th.
Traveller Septr 27th. 1821.
To RD.
Copy the whole of
the matter under this

"It is known that attempts have been secretly making by the
King of Sweden to increase his power by circumscribing or abolishing
the Constitution granted to his Norwegian subjects respecting which
many curious particulars have transpired.—It now appears that
previous to the late visit of the King to Norway, the Swedish army &
marine at Stockholm were put in a state of equipment suited to
actual warfare. The publicity of this fact led to the conjecture that
an armament was meant to be employed during the Royal visit
to hover on the coast of Norway to awe the inhabitants into submission
to any measures that should be dictated to them. This state
of warlike preparation & its imagined object became so generally the
subject of conversation in Stockholm that it attracted the notice of
Genl Suchtelen, the Russian Minister who thought the affair of sufficient
importance to induce him to invite to his Court for instructions.
In consequence of this proceeding of the Russian Minster & just after
the departure of the King for Norway, an energetic note arrived from
Petersburgh, wherein the Emperor in his quality of guarantee of the
treaty of Kiel, & the institutions resulting from that compact, blamed
the assembling of an armed force near to Christiania the seat of the Norwegian Diet, which was to be regarded as an infringement of the Constitution
& an innovation on the basis laid down for the Government of Norway.
Immediately on he arrival of this note at the Swedish Court
Genl Suchtelen & Count Wetterstedt departed in great haste for Christiania
& it is asserted that the urgent remonstrances there made by
the former to the King, were the cause of his giving a more moderate
form to the propositions made by him to the Diet. While this mediation
on the part of the Emperor was conducting an accident awakened
the attention of the Diet to the situation in which they were
placed by the vicinity of a military force. A Swedish officer who had
fallen in a duel with a Norwegian, the result of a private quarrel
declared to the latter in an insulting tone that the Swedes had brought
with them admirably calculated to induce submission in the Norwegian
Diet,—viz cannonball, cartouches & ample stores of ammunition.
This circumstance coming to the knowledge of that assembly,
a spirited demand was immediately made by them, that
all the warlike materials above named, should be placed in the arsenal
of Agerhaus, until Norway should be entirely clear of Swedish
troops; & this bold request, the private letter states, was actually acceded
to. This situation of affairs has greatly increased the mutual
animosity long subsisting between the 2 nations. The Norwegians
openly express their indignation in all public places, & numerous
quarrels are the result."

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"To RD Copy the whole of the matter under this head"

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