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1822 April 8.

Morn Chron. 8 April 1922

"Paris Papers

"We received yesterday the Paris Papers of Thursday last.
In the Chamber of Deputies the discussion on the budget
was again resumed on Wednesday. M. Boscal de Reals proposed
a reduction of 1,200,000 francs in the charge for Senegal.
M. Coustant attacked the Ministers for not taking effectual
measures to suppress the slave trade. He assented
that it was openly carried on, that persons honoured with the
confidence of the King were accomplices in the criminal
trafic & that negroes were purchased for Senegal who were
branded on the shoulder, with marks shewing that they
belonged to the King. M. de Vaublanc was confident that all
practicable means were adopted by the Ministers to suppress
the Slave Trade. He strongly supported the policy of giving
encouragement to the Colonies of Martinique & Guadaloupe.
M. Laise de Villevesque moved a reduction of 600,000 f. on the
estimate. That & the preceding amendments were put to
the vote & rejected. M. Lameth complained of the imperfect
information laid before the Chambers, as to the Colonies. He
thought they cost too much, considering the certainty of their
capture in the event of a war. The legislation & Government of
the Colonies should be conducted on the English system. A warm
contest arose between the Liberaux & Ultras on the question for
printing the speech of this Deputy, & on the appel nominal it
was negatived by 165 to 104. Genl. Foy proposed a reduction
of one half in the charge of 400,000 f. for fortifications in the colonies
& attacked the whole system of colonization as suited only
to countries having an excess of population. In 1763 Guyana
was the grave of 13,000 French, & if the Colony of La Maina
succeeded, the only result would be the establishment of a monopoly
which would make France pay dearer for sugars than she purchased
them elsewhere. The Minister of Marine said that the estimate
was framed on the lowest possible scale. It would be highly impolite
to abandon Guyana, until the results of the enterprise
at La Maina was known. As to the infamous Slave Trade, France
had nothing to reproach herself with. 22 Slave Ships had been already
condemned & 18 were under judicial process: 14 had been released.
There was no necessity for more vigorous enactments: all that was
required, was the active enforcement of the existing laws. M. Manuel
condemned the profit of colonization at La Maina & moved a
reduction of 500,000 f. charged for European colonists. M. Laine reported
the estimate & urged the inexpedience of any further legislative proceedings
respecting the Slave Trade, until the discontinuance of it by the
Portuguese, which by treaty was fixed for the end of 1822. The amendment by Gen. Foy & M. Manuel & others were negatived."

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