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1822. April 29.
Morning Chronicle. April 29th. 1822.
"Spanish Papers

"Madrid, April 14th. The Gazeta de Madrid has commenced
the publications of a series of papers relative to the affairs of
Mexico — "These Documents" says the Gazettea may lead to
serious reflections: among others to the important inference
that the changes which have taken place in the Kingdom of
Mexico are more the effect of force than of the spontaneous
adherence of the inhabitant. These documents shew the state
of public opinion in that part of the Spanish Monarchy & it
appears to be every different, from what some poisons have
endeavoured to persuade us. It is known however that
within these few months this opinion, has undergone a
change, doubtly from some extraordinary reason which
had deceived the credulity of the inhabitants; but at all events
it seems certain that the desire of independence is not so general
at some poisons born in the Colonies have been pleased to suppose.

"In the Sitting of the Cortes of the 14th there was a long
conversation on the affairs of the Colonies the Committee of
these affairs having examined the proposals of the Deputy M.
Sanchez relative to various negotiations with the provinces
which have in fact separated themselves from the Government
of Spain & to establish commercial relations the most suitable
to both hemispheres, state that it immediately recognised the
importance of this matter & reserving its opinion on this
point, thought that for the present the Government should be
requested to do what it judged necessary with respect to the
said proposal with the advice of the Council of State &
bearing in mind the urgency of the case.

"M. Sanchez blamed the that was shown
in taking into proper measures to preserve Cuba & Porto Rico
tho' it had been known for some months, that Lima & almost
all Peru were lost; & also the Kingdom of Mexico: & that
in fact Spain had only these Islands & some spots on the Continent
which were occupied by Spanish troops. He was surprised
that no naval force had been sent to the coast of Peru, tho' after
the loss of the expedition 3 years ago (the Alexander M. St
), only one frigate having reached its destination everybody
saw that Peru was lost unless a naval force was sent
without delay. M. Sanchez acknowledged the inhabitants of Cuba

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