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1829. Jany 31
Collectanea. Const. Code
Defensive Force
Morn. Chron. Jany 13. 1829.
United Service Journal.

There is a good article on the Military System
of Prussia, a country said to be governed better
than any other in Europe. We find that prior to the
battle of Jena, and even under the Great Frederick, a great
part of the Prussian army were the refuse of foreign countries.
"The duration of the soldier's service was unlimited,
whilst he was exposed to a discipline bordering, on ill-usage,
and offering no hopes of preferment. The officer looked
upon his regiment as a farm. Allowed a certain sum for
the maintenance and clothing of his troops, the cheaper he
maintained and clothed them the more emolument he
derived. There were only so many great coats allowed to a
regiment as there were watches or out-posts assigned to it. The
great coat (and a very scanty one it was) was attached to the
sentry-box, and passed on and off from one sentry to another
on the relief of the guard. On a regiment being exposed to a
severe shower of rain, the quarter-master was obliged
to observe, "that if his men once pulled off their clothes, there
would be no possibility of getting them on again (from
shrinking)." This, in a climate like Prussia, must have
been dreadful; but, with the exception of the clothes, all this
may be said of the English army to a late period, and
of the Russian army now; and the question is, how
these ill-used soldiers were so formidable under Frederick
and so contemptible under his successors. But the Prussian
force in 1810 was put on its present system by a Hanoverian
officer. "The Prussian army now consists of
troops of the line, and of the first and second bands of the
landwehr," and of the landsturm or levy en masse. "The

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