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1829. March 30. Collectanea Law Reform

Morn Chron March 30. 1829.

We some time since directed public
attention to the extravagant nature of the monopoly attempted
to be maintained by the senior members of the
Chaneery Bar. These Gentlemen insist not merely that
the blessings in which they are engaged shall, while they
are present, be transacted before that entrusted to their
junior brethren, but they would also have the Vice-Chancellor
to stand still while they are absent. On consequence
of the abuse growing out of this usurpation on the part
of the Seniors, Sir L. Shadwell found himself on a recent
occasion, as he had often done before, without any business
before the court, the Counsel retained in all the causes in
his paper being engaged in the House of Lords; and, with a
vigour not very usual in his Honour, he forthwith issued an
order directing that all causes in which the Counsel were not
ready when called upon should be struck out of the paper.
Hereupon, Mr. Sugden, with a naiveté worthy of Lord Eldon
in his happiest hour, comes forward with
a grave complaint, protesting that he could
not be expected to give up all Appeals in the
House of Lords, though he had relinquished the
Scotch and Irish, and modestly concludes by proposing,
that instead of peremptorily striking out
the causes for which Mr. Sugden may not find it
convenient to attend, the Court shall go up and down
the lists, and spend its time in fishing for something
to do, until he (Mr. Sugden) can return. And pray why
may not Mr. Sugden be expected to make his election
between the House of Lords and the Vice-Chancellor's
Court – or for what purpose is there a plurality of
Equity Courts but that they shall proceed, pari
, each in its separate departments, at one
and the same time with the business of the country? If we are to have but one set of practitioners,
we need have but one Court. Having had the courage to make his present order, we hope the Vice-Chancellor
will have the virtue and firmness to maintain it.

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