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1830 Aug. 1.
Collectanea ☞ For Review of H.a J.B. Ballot and French Public Mind

Extract from the "Examiner" for Augt 1 1830.

"But this extensive unanimity will appear more
remarkable still, when we consider that a French Constitutional
vote has represented nothing but pure public
feeling in the mind of the voter. He did not give his
vote in order to retain a good customer, or to avoid
offending a landlord, he did not even give it to render
the more delicate feeling of desire to oblige a friend or
a relation. He gave it because he has a public object
to serve, & to the person by whom he believed that this
object will be best secured. He did not even believe
that he was conferring a favour upon the person
preferred: nor had he indeed any reason to believe so,
since neither the candidate himself, nor any one on
the candidate's behalf, will come and solicit it.
Solicitations for votes, as matters of favor & on private grounds,
were almost unknown among the Constitutional voters in
France. A correspondent on whom we can rely, was recently
present at an assemblage of electors, preliminary to the
elections in June, in one of the arrondissements of the department
of Seine & Marne. About thirty electors, chiefly
proprietors of land and cultivators, had come together
from the various cantons of the arrondissement, for
the purpose of estimating & marshalling the strength
of the Constitutional candidates at the approaching election
contest. They read over the names of all the
voters in the arrondissement, & each person present
gave his opinion respecting those whom
he knew – Bon or Mauvais: discussing, with
respect to the doubtful names, such evidence as
tended to throw light on their political sentiments.
Three hundred names were called over in this manner
and never on any one occasion did any person present
suggest the means of influencing or neutralizing a

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