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21 Feby 1832.

Pay of the French Bishops

"Extract from the Morning Chronicle. Feby 20th 1832.

"We have received the Paris Papers of Thursday and Friday, and the
Messager des Chambres dated Saturday.

In the Chambers of Deputies, Sitting of Feby 15, the Vote of the
1,365,000 fr. to the Archbishop will receive 15,000 for its and Bishops
was reduced to 880,000 fr., through the adoption, by a considerable majority,
of An Amendment moved by M. Luneau. The saving on
this article is 485,000 f.

The Archbishop of Paris will now receive 25,000 f. instead of 50.
50,000 f., or £1,041 <of sterling instead of 2,082£ sterling. Thirteen Archbishops will receive 15,000 fr. each (624£ or 95,000 f. instead of 325,000 f.
Sixty-six Bishops will receive 10,000 f. each (416£), or 660,000 f. instead
of 990,000 f.

Thus the Archbishop of Paris, thirteen Archbishops and sixty-
6 six Bishops receive in all £36,652 fF, or about as much as one
of the Sinecure Bishops of Ireland.

The Judges of the Court of Cassation and the four Royale
received 15,000 f. or 624£ sterling. They were reduced to 12,000 f.
or 499£ say 500£. (Certainly, if a Judge of the Supreme Courts
of France receives only 500£ a year, the Archbishop of Paris is well paid with 1,041£.)

Property must be infinitely more diffused in France than in
England. A labourer receives nearly as much in France as in England
exhibits immense aggregates property. The weaver of Manchester of
Paisley and of Macclesfield, does not earn more than the weaver
weaver of Lyons and Taiari (though in the climate of Britain
more food is required to support the human frame, and food is much
higher th to the Englishman); but there are many places Parish
Clergymen in England who receive singly more than all the Archbishops
of France. In France, the Judges of the Court of Cassation are
we are informed, men of high talents, and of the highest respectability;
and some of the first Judges of the Court – as for instance M. Henrion
De Pansey
– is celebrated throughout Europe. Yet we pay our London
Police Magistrates 800£ – 200£ more than is paid to the supreme
Judges of France, and it is urged as an excuse for the extraordinary
lack of understanding for which most of the Police Magistrates are
conspicuous, that it is impossible to obtain any man for so small a sum,
who is not utterly without hope of ever gaining anything by his profession.
In short the situation has hitherto been deemed convenient for the reception
of persons who cannot otherwise be disposed of.

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