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Committee from being carried into effect. In fact, at this
period these arrangements were embarrassed & thwarted by the
arrival of the melancholy news of Lord Byron's death and
the certainty of Col: Stanhope's return. Every respect which
could be shown to the memory of the noble poet, his remains
received from the authorities, & the people of Western Greece
and the Committee read recorded their <add>salur melancholy&
approbation & by
a vote of thanks to Prince Mavrocordata & the manstrales Primates of Missolonghi</add>

From the time in which when the Greek government
obtained such large pecuniary supplies it was to be
expected that they influence of the Greek Committee, and would
decline, and their intervention with the Government & with
the Deputies has since been merely one of friendly counsel & of such
suggestions as they deemed important to the well being of
Greece – but which the Committee fear have never been attended to – they have again, and again urged the necessity of
obtaining immediate possession of the few fortresses held by
the Turks in the Morea - and of applying a portion of the loan
to the purchase of battering trains & all the stores requisite for such service & for the formation of
an efficient artillery & engineer corps to assist which the Committee obtained provided the necessary details and delivered these in a complete state to the Deputies. They have on
several occasions entreated & strongly urged to the Deputies that a steam boats might be
provided both for the purposes of war & of rapid communication.
They br The establishment of a national marine has been
urged on them Greek government, the vessels hitherto employed

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