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Box 110 contains material pertaining to Bentham's constitutional proposals for Portugal and Greece, as well as a large amount of material collated by Bentham's literary executor, John Bowring.

Bowring was introduced to Bentham by their mutual friend, Edward Blaquiere, in 1820. Bentham found Bowring a willing disciple, and according to Bowring - who was not always entirely trustworthy - the aged Bentham died in his arms on 6 June 1832. Bowring was left almost all of Bentham's manuscripts along with funds to see through to publication an edition of Bentham's works. Most of the editing was carried out by others, but the edition was published between 1838 and 1843 in eleven volumes. Though a remarkable achievement, this edition is inadequate for modern scholarship: it is incomplete, omitting works published in Bentham's lifetime as well as unpublished texts which exist in manuscript. The Bowring edition is now being superseded by the new Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham, produced by UCL's Bentham Project.

Bowring was a polyglot, and produced a series of works on European poetry and folk song, and these manuscripts contain notes on Modern Greek poetry, Polish, Spanish and Swiss literature, as well as Hungarian folk songs. This box also contains, in Bowring's hand, the 1825 Report of the London Greek Committee, founded two years earlier to support the Greeks in their uprising against the Ottoman occupation. Much of the money raised was squandered and many of the public figures involved, Bowring especially, were forced to defend themselves against accusations of having profited through the Committee's fundraising activities.

The material is divided as follows:

  • Folios 1 to 2: Heads of a pamphlet, proposed to have for a title Rid yourselves of Ultramaria [1820]
  • Folio 3: Memorandum on a Portuguese commercial treaty with England (in Portuguese) [1820]
  • Folio 4: Copy of a letter from JB to John Jeffery, on the Portuguese commercial treaty [12 July 1821]
  • Folio 5: Memoria for the Portuguese Cortes (in Portuguese, printed text) [1821]
  • Folios 6 to 8: Diario das Cortes da Nação Portugueza, number 121 [7 July 1821]
  • Folios 9 to 47: Report of the London Greek Committee, in Bowring's hand [1825]
  • Folios 48 to 54: Modern Greek Poetry, in Bowring's hand [no date]
  • Folios 55 to 65: Servian [Serbian] poetry, in Bowring's hand [no date]
  • Folios 66 to 124: Polish literature, notes, extracts, translations in Bowring's hand [no date]
  • Folios 125 to 132: Spanish and Catalan literature, notes, etc in Bowring's hand [no date]
  • Folios 133: Switzerland, topographical and descriptive sketch in Bowring's hand [no date]
  • Folios 134 to 143: Notes and extracts in various languages in Bowring's hand [no date]
  • Folios 144 to 158: Music and moralisings, political squibs in Bowring's hand [no date]
  • Folios 59 to 252: Omniana; scraps of poetry; miscellanea in Bowring's hand [no date]
  • Folio 253: Advertisement for Magyar Nemzeti Dallok, or Hungarian Popular Songs, by John Bowring
  • Folios 254: Institut royal de France, Ordre des lectures [1821]

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