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but leave every thing to accident. But only the youngest, Gojko keeps
his promise. The next day when the repasts are to be carried
to the workmen, the two wives who had been apprised of
the fairy's communication make excuses, & Gojko's young wife
leaves her first born – a child of only a month old – to the care
of his sister-in-law, in order not to embarrass her husband's aged mother
& her three daughters. She then proceeds at the head of her servants to
the building ground – & the agony of death seems to overcome her
husband as he sees her approached. The unhappy woman
asks him the cause of his sorrowful looks, & of the tears that
run down his cheeks – & he answers:

Faithful one! it is a gloomy story
I possessed a fair – a golden apple
And to day it dropped in the Bojana
And I mourn the loss, in hopeless sorrow

Still she suspects nothing, but says to her husband

Nay! if thou be well, though needst not grieve thee
For a better apple thou shalt gather –
But the hero-youth looked sad & sadder
Turn'd away his melancholy visage
That he might not meet his lov'd one's glances

Her two brothers in law then seize her by the hands, & called the Master Architect
Rado to hasten with his three hundred workmen. The Lady laughs thinking
they are in jest. They begin to build around her, & reach her knees – she
still smiles at what she deems their sport. But seeing new a new
layer of stones & timber, – & the three hundred workmen all engaged in
building the walls about her – they have now reached as high as her

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