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i. 117
Sedañe Skadra or "The building of Skadar" (Scutari) of which two versions are
given by Vuk is one of the most spirit starving awfully interesting Romances
we have ever met with. The Three brothers Mrljavchevich determine to build a city
on the Bojano. Three hundred laborers master workmen have been employed
for three years, and have not yet been able to lay the foundations;
whatever they accomplish by day is destroyed by the a Vilas ( fairy or Imp See
p. ) at night. At last the Vila calls the oldest of the brothers
–of from who becomes afterwards the faithless guardian of King Urosh
& the father of the here )
& tells him that his toil & work
are in vain until a twin Brother1 &2 Sister3 (Stojan & Stojana (words
derived from Stojim, to stand, – to stand fast) shall be found, who
must be buried alive under the walls, which will never afterwards
be shaken. A faithful servant is sent with six measures of money
(shest tovara blaga to kill the Twins through the wide world, & is recommended
to steal them if they cannot be purchased. He wanders about for three
years, when he returns, reporting that he can no where discover
Stojan & Stojana. Vukashin, the eldest brother again summons
his principal architect & bids the three hundred workmen proceed
again to raise the walls:- but with the same success as before.
The Vila again communicates to however consents to tell V them another means of completing
the work. Let the faithful wife of any of the three brothers who shall on
the following morning first bring the repast to the laborers be
buried under the walls. The three brothers promise one another
that they will not communicate the dreadful event to their wives

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